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390cfm Airman Portable Compressor

Posted on 26th July 2013

Backed up by a 10,000 hour or 7-year warranty (conditions apply), the Airman PDS390SC-5B1 box type compressor delivers performance and reliability in Australia’s harsh climate conditions. Offering 400 cfm of continuous duty output at 100 psi working pressure, with a maximum pressure of 120psi, the Airman is the perfect heavy-duty portable solution for sand blasters…

185cfm Airman Trailer Compressor

Posted on 25th July 2013

Designed for continuous duty, Airman’s portable trailer mounted compressor range is Manufactured in Japan and has developed a strong reputation for its ability to withstand Australia’s climatic conditions. The Airman PDS185S towable compressor uses quality, Australian sourced and fitted undercarriages which include inertia brakes and hand brake.  The PDS185S is wider, taller and longer than other makes, which greatly improves road holding…

265cfm Airman Trailer compressor

Posted on 20th July 2013

Built to last, the Japanese built Airman PDS265S-5B2T diesel driven 265cfm portable compressor offers a free air delivery of 265cfm (7.5 m3/min) works in some of the toughest application environments in the world, handling dusty, corrosive and humid conditions with ease.  

400cfm Airman Trailer Compressor

Posted on 20th July 2013

The Airman PDS400S-6B1-T 400fm trailer mounted diesel compressor offers outstanding performance and reliability.  It is ideal for many civil engineering, mining, agricultural and blasting applications where extreme operating conditions are often found. It’s compact size, Australian sourced and fitted under-carriage, inertia brakes and handbrake, make it easy to tow and reverse.  Maintenance is made simple with fluids all released from the side…

Compressed Air Monitoring

Posted on 17th May 2013

Compressed air monitoring devices and systems are the best way to enhance your energy efficiency and safeguard your productions, which assure your product quality. CS Instruments has a range of state of the art, high quality and user-friendly monitoring devices that can help you to achieve just that! Dew point monitoring acts as a kind…

Ingersoll Rand 2130XP-TL Air Impact Wrench

Posted on 16th January 2013

The Ingersoll Rand 2130XP-TL torque-limited impact wrench is specially designed and engineered for high-volume tyre changing applications. The torque limit feature prevents excess torque from being applied to the wheel and fasteners, increasing driver comfort and safety.  

Nitrogen Generators

Posted on 5th October 2012

Nitrogen generators are designed to use your existing air source and produce nitrogen on demand. In comparison with ‘’by the bottle’’ nitrogen purchasers, companies purchasing nitrogen generators achieve enhanced profitability and a growing bottom line by achieving long-term price stability. Our systems produce a dependable and economical supply of nitrogen allowing you to generate, on-site, the…

Ingersoll Rand Sump Pumps

Posted on 17th September 2012

If you need a submersible pump that can cope with mud, leaves, twigs, blige, gunk and even sewage, then your answer lies right here! Running on compressed air, using an Ingersoll Rand Sump Pump means there’s no fuel tanks, electrical connectons or burnt out motors to ever worry about. Despite their compact size and light…

Oxygen Generators

Posted on 6th September 2012

A complete, skid-mounted, oxygen plant can be designed and assembled by CAPS to include the feed air supply, compressor, air treatment equipment and gas storage, all delivered as a single package to the customer.

Ingersoll Rand Hoists

Posted on 27th July 2012

Offering a broad range of chain hoists, CAPS Australia has developed a strong reputation in the industry, with Ingersoll Rand hoists providing lifting solutions to industry worldwide for many decades.   We offer hoists for high-speed production applications, food grade applications, and for harsh environments. These hoists are simple, rugged, and reliable, with them being…