CAPS Shines With New Allmand Lighting Tower Range - CAPS

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CAPS Shines With New Allmand Lighting Tower Range - CAPS

Posted on 26th November 2013 in

World-leading lighting tower technology pioneer, Allmand, has further expanded its presence locally by strengthening its relationship with CAPS Australia, offering access to an expanded range of lighting towers to meet surging demand.

Allmand Night Lite Pro II Lighting Tower“CAPS Australia are proud to be closely associated with the inventor of the modern portable lighting tower,” according to Richard Sweet, Marketing Manager – Portable Products, with CAPS Australia, the largest Australian-owned, independent generator and compressed air equipment supplier.

“Following industry demand, we are introducing the new Night Lite Pro II into our range”, added Sweet. Introduced in response to requests for a smaller footprint machine, the compact Night Lite Pro II model provides safe working illumination with a combined light output of more than 440,000 lumens—far greater than most alternatives of its size and price. ‘It is ideal for users in urban environments who want a full-featured, quality manufactured machine at a very competitive price,’ said Sweet.

The Night Lite Pro II uses a Kubota diesel engine, with four 1,000 watt metal halide lamps on an adjustable head, with the bonus of two 10 amp, 240 volt auxiliary power outlets.

The Allmand lighting tower uses a six-section, hydraulically actuated automatic lift mechanism to elevate the lamp head to almost eight metres above the ground. Intuitive adjustment of the lamp head allows accurate positioning of the lights before extending towers, with the tower able to be raised to its full height in 25 seconds. While the sectional tower is a typical design, both towers incorporate nylon guide sleeves which give smooth operation and help stabilise the tower when extended and together with four adjustable stabiliser outriggers enabling the unit to withstand wind gusts of up to 100 kph. Units are built in the US but incorporate switches and circuit breakers that comply with Australian regulations and standards.

“Safety is a priority across the entire Allmand range, with the tower offering environmental fluid containment systems, and battery isolation and emergency stop buttons as standard, with other options like fire extinguishers and auto start/stop controllers available,” said Sweet.

The new trailer-based lighting tower units complement the range of other Allmand portable equipment available from CAPS, the Maxi Lite ML6V and ML8V and are ideal for companies requiring temporary lighting for a variety of open-air applications, such as events, civil construction and open-cut mining.

Allmand, manufacturer of the world’s first lighting towers in 1955, has produced several thousand of these reliable, quality and cost-effective portable lighting systems worldwide. The units enhance operational performance and safety around domestic, industrial and mining applications.