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CAPS AL Series Oil-Free Scroll Compressors – Save Up To 25% in Energy Costs

Posted on 25th May 2018 in

Energy savings are based on a pyramid control process. CAPS AL scroll compressors consist of modules that offer flexibility for varying air demand conditions. WHY OIL-FREE SCROLL TECHNOLOGY? Compressed air oil vapour is the most difficult element to separate effectively. Filtration does not offer a complete oil vapour removal. Therefore, the most effective approach is to…

Case Study: Midal Cables International – Manufacturer of Alloy Rod & Conductor

Midal Cables International (MCI) is Australia’s newest and most innovative manufacturer of alloy rod and conductor. OBJECTIVES Edwards & Vickerman were retained by MCI to provide mechanical services to their new $60M plant at Tomago NSW, producing 50,000 tons of aluminium bar and cable for domestic consumption and export. The specification called for an on-site…

Nitrogen for Optimum Wine Aromas: From the Press to the Bottle

Posted on 21st May 2018 in

In the food industry, nitrogen is used in the storage of fresh products, for protection purposes during production and for packaging. The use of nitrogen as a means of preventing unwanted oxidation is tried and tested and ensures value-preserving wine production. Standard and Inert Gas Processing The Sauvignon Blanc grape and oxygen are not highly…

Case Study: Murdoch University, WA

Posted on 7th March 2018 in

Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia, has an enviable reputation as one of Australia’s top teaching and research universities. OBJECTIVES Murdoch University required a continuous supply of nitrogen gas for a laboratory-based application. The requirements for the proposed system included minimum 99.9% air purity, 2.5L/s to 5L/s flow rate and 7bar working pressure. The university…

CAPS is a Founding Partner of Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Posted on 19th February 2018 in

CAPS are proud to announce our new partnership with Carbon Neutral Adelaide. As a Founding Partner, CAPS has been recognised for our commitment and contribution to reducing emissions, helping to make the City of Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city. With compressed air contributing to over 15% of industrial energy use, CAPS believes there…

Case Study: North Sydney Data Centre

Posted on 19th February 2018 in

Data center demand has been driven by the rapid rise of digitisation and the increasing importance of data with information-centric trends such as e-commerce, social networking, and file sharing. Stringent data-related regulatory requirements and advancements such as cloud computing has especially increased the demand for quality data centres. In the event of a power outage, it…

CAPS electric rotary screw compressors saves 30% on servicing

Posted on 31st January 2018 in

CAPS have released our own line of robust Electric Rotary Screw Compressors, setting the benchmark for reliability and affordability in the Air Compressor market. European designed and manufactured to Australian conditions, the CR Series Screw Compressor range is the perfect solution for any industry and application, covering all sizes from 5kW to 15kW. Every screw…

Case Study: Mundaring Water Works

Posted on 21st January 2018 in

OBJECTIVES Design and manufacture in compliance with Water Corporation specifications. A sound level limit of 65 dB(A) @7m. Reliable and competitive product. Two sources of power to back up the water pump’s power supply and the water treatment facility downstream. SOLUTION Two x 2800kVA and one x 3300 kVA generators equipped with MTU engines were set…

CAPS Service Techs Receive Special Recognition from Woodside Energy

Posted on 11th December 2017 in

CAPS’ are passionate about our commitment to a customer and safety-first culture. As much as it’s important to discuss these topics and receive feedback internally, nothing tells us we’re on the right track better than when our customers go out of their way to acknowledge a job well done. That brings us to our good…

Case Study: University of Sydney

Posted on 8th December 2017 in

By the early 1980’s, the facilities and space available at The University of Sydney’s dedicated research facility was limiting the scope and scale of work that could be undertaken. The university’s facility expansion was primarily to facilitate plant breeding research and associated postgraduate teaching. The expansion was also intended to allow for closer collaboration with…