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Should I Repair Or Replace My Broken Compressor?

Posted on 17th May 2016 in

You probably don’t think about your industrial air compressor system too often. It continues to hum away in the background, providing your business with the essential compressed air your work processes need. Your service technician arrives every six or months, delivering a comprehensive preventative maintenance program, and all is perfectly well… But as with any…

A Sustainable, Green AFL Field At The MCG

Posted on 29th April 2016 in

As part of a multi-million-dollar project to build Victoria’s largest underground recycled water treatment plant at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), CAPS Australia supplied air blowers for the unique facility. The Yarra Park MCG Water Recycling Facility is a Class A water treatment facility built on the doorstep of the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground,…

CAPS Perth Tackle The Full Hike For Asthma

Posted on 4th April 2016 in

Seven enthusiastic team-members from CAPS Perth headquarters recently participated in the challenging ECU Freeway Bike Hike to raise much needed funds and awareness for the Asthma Foundation WA. The ECU Freeway Bike Hike is Western Australia’s largest community cycling event and has raised over $1 million in funds since its inception. The event is divided…

10 Energy Saving Tips For Your Air Compressor

Posted on 21st March 2016 in

With the end of the financial year in the not too distant future, it is almost certain that your company’s accounts department will be asking you to look at possible cost savings with all of your plant and equipment. With 10 to 15 percent of all industrial electricity used generates compressed air, and servicing and…

Paying Less Costs More: The Dangers of Parallel Imported Products

Posted on 14th March 2016 in

When it comes to any tool purchase, it’s not surprising that one may be tempted to invest in a parallel import – after all, if compared to the genuine product, it may cost almost half the price. But is it really worth the risk simply because parallel imports are cheaper? Parallel importation – or the…

Case Study: REDARC – Electronic Converters

Redarc has over 35 years’ experience in the research, design, development, and manufacture of a range of electronic voltage converters and associated products. Key Industries they operate in include Trucking, mining, emergency services, marine, motorhome and 4WD. OBJECTIVES In electronics manufacturing, nitrogen is used to provide an inert atmosphere during automated soldering processes, delivering higher…

Case Study: ROBERT OATLEY Vineyards

Posted on 22nd February 2016 in

Blending traditional winemaking values with the precise management of processing technologies, from vine to bottle, the Australian winery has the ability to increase production to meet modern demands, save overhead costs and minimise their impact on the environment. With a production capability of thousands of bottles daily, compressed nitrogen is a vital component of the…

What’s Your Backup Power Plan This Cyclone Season?

Posted on 10th December 2015 in

Do you live in an area affected by cyclones?   Although there are many well-documented ways you can prepare your home or business for the storm season, one thing that is often overlooked is the impact that power outages can have on your comfort, livelihood and safety. Power outages are an inevitable and frustrating side-effect of…

Before, After And During The Storm: The Ultimate Cyclone Preparation Checklist

Posted on 10th December 2015 in

BEFORE THE STORM: Are You Ready This Cyclone Season? We’ve got your definitive safety and readiness checklist to go through before cyclone season is in town. Save it, print it out, or even stick on the fridge to make sure you’ve got everything covered. Are your gutters, downpipes, and storm water drains clear of leaves…

CAPS Enters The Danger Zone With Top EV Racing

Posted on 22nd September 2015 in

CAPS, Australia’s largest independent provider of compressed air and power solutions, has proudly become a supporting partner of Top EV Racing, who is setting out to become the world’s quickest and fastest electric race car, charged from solar power.