CENTAC Centrifugal Compresor Service Team Loads On Knowledge - CAPS Australia

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CENTAC Centrifugal Compresor Service Team Loads On Knowledge - CAPS Australia

Posted on 25th January 2013 in

Compressed air technology is constantly improving, and few other areas have seen as much change as the highly specialised centrifugal compressor category, where several new products and controllers have been launched in recent times.

Centac TrainingTo further enhance their knowledge, CAPS Australia’s National CENTAC (centrifugal compressor service) Team met in Melbourne for a training conference to bring the team completely up-to-date with several new technologies.

“To best service our customers, we have focussed on giving interactive hands-on training to our specialist aftermarket team, which is the largest centrifugal service team in Australia. We imported an Ingersoll Rand Xe-145F controller training module from overseas for the event, ensuring now that all of our team can install, maintain and provide expert advice on this brand new key component of centrifugal compressor technology,” said Witek Zabielski, National CENTAC Aftermarket Business Development Manager for CAPS Australia.

Further discussion centred on further streamlining of service maintenance operations onsite, including spare parts management, testing procedures and software analysis. Zabielski continues, “our CENTAC service team uses highly advanced, state-of-the-art software from Ingersoll Rand to assess several parameters of each centrifugal compressor to ensure that they deliver a long service life. This in turn can save our customers many thousands of dollars, extending compressor operation by several years”.   The conference also focussed on the importance of diagnostics including fluid and vibration spectrum analysis, and surge testing; CAPS is the only company in Australia that can simulate CENTAC performance runs and compare it with site taken data taken by certified CENTAC technicians. These three indicators provide good feedback on the overall health of each centrifugal compressor unit.

CAPS Australia has a dedicated team of CENTAC specialist (centrifugal) service technicians, whose work spreads out of Australia’s major capital cities and overseas locations such as Africa (Ghana), New Guinea, New Caledonia and New Zealand.