New Ingersoll Rand Ultra FG Lubricates Food Production - CAPS

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New Ingersoll Rand Ultra FG Lubricates Food Production - CAPS

Posted on 19th November 2012 in

Ultra FG, the latest Ingersoll Rand food grade compressor lubricant, has an extended life which optimises rotary screw compressor performance by reducing the time to service components and increasing maintenance intervals. Supplied by CAPS Australia, Ultra FG lubricates moving parts, dissipates heat, resists degradation from food and chemicals, and does not react with sealing materials, plastics and elastomers.

Ingersoll Rand Food Grade LubricantTraditionally, food-grade lubricants can be used for approximately 1,000 hours before replacement. Ingersoll Rand’s Ultra FG lubricant has an operational life of approximately 6,000 hours. The extreme temperature stability of Ultra FG prevents the formation of damaging abrasive deposits and when mixed with water, the lubricant does not break down into harmful components such as acids and alcohols, which can varnish components and lead to premature failure.

Geoff Ryan, National Service Sales Manager for CAPS, said, “The new food grade lubricant reduces the lifetime cost of a compressed air system. The extended life, along with no requirement for external filters, can cut maintenance and service times significantly.”

Ultra FG has been developed with an advanced synthetic composition which includes advanced additive technologies that include anti-wear agents, rust inhibitors and antioxidants. The lubricant can prevent build-up of particulates in critical areas of an air compressor by promoting the breakdown of some substances and by absorbing others so they can be carried to filters and separators for removal.

To minimise health risks to consumers, Ultra FG lubricant exceeds industry requirements for incidental food contact by meeting the requirements of FDA Title 21 CFR 178.3570 regulations. It is also H-1 compliant for the US Department of Agriculture and has been kosher and parve certified.