Revitalise Your Ingersoll Rand CENTAC Centrifugal Compressor - CAPS

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Revitalise Your Ingersoll Rand CENTAC Centrifugal Compressor - CAPS

Posted on 2nd October 2013 in

For a limited time only, CAPS Australia is offering customers a set of special promotions that will dramatically improve the performance, reliability and efficiency of Ingersoll Rand CENTAC centrifugal compressors.

Ingersoll Rand CENTAC Compressor PromotionFor customers combining a compressor overhaul with a new controller upgrade, savings of up to $10,000 can be made, whilst combining an overhaul with a refill with Ingersoll Rand Techtrol Gold lubricant gives an additional 2 year warranty on several key components at no cost.

It is important to recognise the signs that the once-reliable ‘workhorse’ of your compressed air system may need an overhaul:

  • Rotating assemblies and coolers have been contaminated over time, affecting machine performance.
  • Wear and tear on all other moving parts is putting a toll on machine efficiency and reliability. Machine surges are more frequent, with higher vibration levels and temperatures start rising.
  • Customers will not only benefit from the performance improvement gained from revitalising the centrifugal compressor mechanically, but will also benefit a brand new state-of-the-art on-board controller.

XE Series Controller Promotion
The new Ingersoll Rand XE Series controller comes with advanced features such as energy smart set-point (ESS), which improves the Centac’s energy efficiency, surge line modelling for enhanced reliability, and many other great features that improves productivity.

For a short time only, bundling your overhaul with a new controller can save you up to $10,000!

Techtrol Gold PLUS² Program Has Significant Benefits
From September to December 31 2013, simply ask for the machine’s lubricant to be refilled with Ingersoll Rand’s Techtrol Gold engineered synthetic lubricant following a compressor overhaul, and CAPS will offer two years warranty on bullgear, rotors, bearings and seals at no extra cost!

Changing out lubricants can have a major impact on compressed air system performance.

Ingersoll Rand’s Techtrol Gold is an engineered synthetic lubricant specifically designed to help Centac centrifugal compressors maintain peak performance over a full range of operating temperatures, maximising cost savings and reliability.