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Case Study: Presson Descon International (Pvt) Limited (PDIL)

Posted on 21st August 2017 in

Presson Descon International (Pvt) Limited (PDIL) is an integrated engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) company, specialising in seamless services for supply and set up of production and processing equipment, facilities and their related utilities on a turnkey basis. OBJECTIVES The primary objective is to produce pipeline quality gas on Low-Pressure Gas and condensate from…

Case Study: Barangaroo South, Sydney NSW

Posted on 3rd August 2017 in

The contract, conceivably the most significant in CAPS’ 38 year history, was recently finalised. This was CAPS’ second time working with project developer, Lend Lease, following a successful bid for the installation of two 2,000 kVA generator sets into Sydney’s MidCity during its construction in 2009. REQUIREMENT Lend Lease’s latest development, Barangaroo South, is a…

Case Study: CV Tool & Engineering Co.

Posted on 13th July 2017 in

CV Tool and Engineering Co (CV Tool) is a specialist service engineering company located in Dandenong South, Victoria. OBJECTIVES Nitrogen gas is widely used to blanket precision laser cutting as its inert properties prevent oxidisation of the cut edge while the gas pressure ensures a clean cut without any residual material sticking to the underside….

Case Study: PROCAL – A Milk and Dairy Manufacturer

Posted on 22nd June 2017 in

Procal is a family owned fresh milk and dairy manufacturer. Their milk is sourced from local farms and produced in a state of the art facility in Melbourne. OBJECTIVES In yoghurt packaging, gas is often applied to the vapour space of the containers in order to control their composition. This process, called blanketing, greatly improves process…

Case Study: Domestic Offshore Oil Platform

Posted on 5th June 2017 in

The customer involved in this project is an oil and gas exploration and production company with operations in the United States, Canada, Egypt, the United Kingdom North Sea, Australia, and Argentina. CHALLENGE This customer owned a set of dryers on an offshore oil platform that had been subjected to highly corrosive natural and man-made environments. This…

Case Study: REDARC – Electronic Converters

Redarc has over 35 years’ experience in the research, design, development, and manufacture of a range of electronic voltage converters and associated products. Key Industries they operate in include Trucking, mining, emergency services, marine, motorhome and 4WD. OBJECTIVES In electronics manufacturing, nitrogen is used to provide an inert atmosphere during automated soldering processes, delivering higher…

Case Study: ROBERT OATLEY Vineyards

Posted on 22nd February 2016 in

Blending traditional winemaking values with the precise management of processing technologies, from vine to bottle, the Australian winery has the ability to increase production to meet modern demands, save overhead costs and minimise their impact on the environment. With a production capability of thousands of bottles daily, compressed nitrogen is a vital component of the…

Case Study: Airman Compressors, Gorgon LNG Project

Posted on 15th January 2015 in

HERTEL MODERN – INDUSTRIAL SERVICES Hertel Modern, the multi-discipline engineering, construction, maintenance and operations support services contractor to Chevron Australia on the Gorgon Project at Barrow Island in Western Australia required compressed air for their industrial painting and protective coatings services workshops on the remote island.