CAPS A Lifesaver At Havaiana's Thong Challenge - CAPS

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CAPS A Lifesaver At Havaiana's Thong Challenge - CAPS

Posted on 4th June 2015 in

2015 marked the 10th year anniversary for the Havaianas’ Australia Day Thong Challenge, where beaches across Australia were besieged by hoards of bather-clad folk on oversized inflatable thongs, all in a fun attempt to raise money for lifesaving services and break a world record.

CAPS Portable Compressors Havaiana Challenge

CAPS, for the third year in a row, offered their support to the worthy cause, supplying air compressors to tackle the otherwise near impossible task of inflating 3,000 thongs in the time required to hold the event. Service managers in each participating state raised their hands to deliver the required compressors to specified venues on the Sunday prior to the event, cheerfully donating their time on a day they would otherwise have off.

The event proved a resounding success, with the biggest turnout on record. Participants on Cottesloe beach, WA also helped break another record—an official world record for the longest line of giant inflatable Havaianas in open water. Smashing the previous year’s record of 2,099, this year’s attempt attracted 2,207 participants on white and gold glitter-filled Havaianas before a crowd of 8,000 spectators. Event organisers, Urban, revealed that they are hoping to break this record again in 2016. 

The $69,000 raised from this year’s event went directly towards Surf Lifesaving Nippers of Australia, a junior program that introduces children aged 5 to 13 to surf lifesaving. Organisers were thrilled with the result and expressed their thanks to all participants and supporters, including CAPS.

“Urban were once again were very happy and appreciative of CAPS’ equipment and service and are looking forward to our participation in the event next year,” said Ian Hansen, CAPS’ Business Development Manager. “Special thanks must go to our service managers around the country for their enthusiasm and help with the coordination. Without their generosity, our sponsorship of this worthy cause wouldn’t be possible.”