Centrifugal Sales Success For CAPS Australia - CAPS

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Centrifugal Sales Success For CAPS Australia - CAPS

Posted on 23rd August 2012 in

With large scale industrial processes often requiring high volumes of compressed air, the most efficient method of generating the required quantities is by using one or more centrifugal compressors. Supplied by CAPS Australia, Ingersoll Rand Centac centrifugal compressors are the company’s best selling models in Australia.

100 per cent oil-free, the Centac range are single to multi-stage compressors that provide high-quality, clean compressed air to a Class 0 certification. This is vital for a wide range of industrial processes.

Ingersoll Rand Centac C1000Ingersoll Rand has taken the step to make significant design improvements to the Centac range so that even more efficiency is achieved in Australia’s harsh operating environments. The C1000s can reliably supply the high volumes of compressed air required for applications such as smelting, mining and food or chemical processing.

Witek Zabielski, a CAPS Product Manager with more than 20 years experience with compressors, says the latest model Ingersoll Rand Centac compressor, the C1000, is one of the most efficient. “The design, use of optimised components, and user-friendly operation of the C1000 minimises the overall cost of ownership by reducing energy consumption and operating costs,” he said.

Zabielski stated that the high awareness of the Ingersoll Rand and Centac brands continues to assist CAPS to win orders for compressor installations in a variety of markets. “Their ability to operate efficiently and effectively in a wide range of ambient conditions makes the C1000 ideal for the Australian market and also our expanding overseas markets,” he concluded.