Powering On Through A Blackout: Two Power Turbines in Kalgoorlie Face Closure

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Powering On Through A Blackout: Two Power Turbines in Kalgoorlie Face Closure

Posted on 5th May 2017 in

Kalgoorlie businesses need to consider the risks associated with a potentially unreliable power supply. What would be the cost of having your EFTPOS, fridges, computers, lights and staff not working for one hour, two hours or more?

With the shutting down of the West Kalgoorlie Power Station, Muja A & B in Collie, and power companies’ reluctance to build new coal or gas-fired power stations until a carbon price is set, it is little wonder that many businesses are investing in backup power generators.

By utilising an auto-start equipped generator and an automatic transfer switch (ATS) connected into your main power, your business can continue to operate with no interruption during a blackout. Always opt for quality—the cheapest unit could be a false economy and not provide the reliable power you are heavily reliant on.

The Kohler range of power generators available from CAPS are manufactured in France to the highest standards and have built a solid reputation in Australia as a dependable mains backup generator. Kohler generators start at 16kVA and are available in sizes up to 4200kVA. 

Product Manager, Michael Brophy says,

CAPS can provide advice on how to select the right generator for your business and most local electricians can connect the generator and transfer switch into your power system. Kohler generators are widely used in many applications including high-rise commercial buildings, airports, hospitals, water authorities, data centres and RSL clubs.

CAPS are the Australian agent for Kohler and have branches throughout the country which provides sales, technical back up, service support and parts.

For further information, call your local Kalgoorlie team on 08 9093 1488. For residents located outside of Kalgoorlie, call 1800 800 878 to contact your closest branch!