Should I Repair Or Replace My Broken Compressor? - CAPS

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Should I Repair Or Replace My Broken Compressor? - CAPS

Posted on 17th May 2016 in

You probably don’t think about your industrial air compressor system too often. It continues to hum away in the background, providing your business with the essential compressed air your work processes need. Your service technician arrives every six or months, delivering a comprehensive preventative maintenance program, and all is perfectly well… But as with any piece of industrial equipment, a problem is diagnosed, or the unit breaks down and suddenly you need to determine quickly whether it needs to be repaired or replaced?

Repair is a viable solution for situations when:

  • Your compressor has not been superseded by newer technology.Replace or Repair Your Compressor
  • The compressor is relatively new or has not done many operational hours.
  • Spare parts are readily available for your brand of compressor.
  • You do not have the funds to purchase a new compressor.
  • Your compressor is generally reliable.
  • The electricity consumption of your compressor is in line with the newer model of machine available.

But the decision is much more complex when dealing with older compressors. Replacement is more of a viable option when:

  • A strong business case exists for you to update as your compressor has become unreliable, or newer technologies allow you to make huge savings off your energy consumption. Compressed air systems use up to 10% of total industrial electricity use in Australia, making it one of the largest, if not the largest users of electricity in your operation.
  • Spare parts are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.
    Your company’s future compressed air needs outweigh the capabilities of your current unit.
  • Based on its age, further breakdowns and failures appear likely.
  • Compressed air is essential to your day to day operations of your business, with downtime costing your business considerably in terms of lost production and affecting your end ‘’products’’.

If you happen to face a breakdown of any of your compressor equipment, whilst it is unplanned and certainly not ideal, it provides companies with the opportunity to reconsider their compressed air requirements and can lead to massive reductions to excessive energy and maintenance costs.

Compressed air service providers can assist in assessing, upgrading and installing new systems. To assist selection, resources are also available with information on different compressor types and which type is best suited to specific applications. Whilst upgrading and improving your air compressor system can take time, it is often worth the wait.