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Is your facility equipped to handle a complete or prolonged loss of power? 

Experience total peace of mind, knowing that CAPS factory-trained technicians are well-equipped to solve any backup power issues.

 With CAPS Reliability Service it’s always business as usual.  


Our experience - your advantage.

Whether you require 24/7 generator servicing or standard preventative maintenance completed, we have your needs covered.

With customers ranging from small independent businesses with a single power generator through to critical installations in hospitals with several generators installed, CAPS’ expert service team will ensure your work remains uninterrupted, as every minute of downtime costs you profit. 

Protect Your Assets

Power generators are extremely  complicated pieces of machinery. Don’t let just anyone touch your investment. Unlike electricians and diesel mechanics, CAPS have a complete understanding of power generator systems and their operation.

Any Make,

Any Model

CAPS knowledge of various types of generators and control systems is second to none. When it comes to diagnosing and providing reliable solutions for redundancy, CAPS have decades of specialised industry experience to draw from, getting it right first time, every time.

End to End Solutions

CAPS in-house Engineering and Business Development Team work together to tailor an end-to-end solution that  integrates with your business and keeps it moving. With a nationwide footprint, CAPS 24/7 immediate response team are always readily available.

"CAPS were on time and maintenance work was  carried out smoothly. Any repairs required were  communicated and repaired without any issues.  Technicians carrying out the maintenance were competent and approachable."
- Graeme Hollands, BGIS Australia


If you are concerned that you have outgrown your current supply, looking at  expanding operations, or simply seeking a reliable servicing partner, CAPS will tailor a solution to meet your supply demands.

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