Ingersoll Rand Cordless W7150 Impact Wrench Helps Customers Grow Their Business - CAPS

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Ingersoll Rand Cordless W7150 Impact Wrench Helps Customers Grow Their Business - CAPS

Posted on 7th October 2014 in

Thousands of companies around the world love their Ingersoll Rand W7150 cordless impact wrench. Today we meet with an American customer from the ‘The Auto Clinic”, a mechanic’s workshop from Des Moines in Iowa, USA.

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nbgeBt7pns[/youtube]Mike House, tells us that in being a high-end auto workshop, they “tackle the harder-to-deal-with-problems, the complicated electrical system faults, and everything, even a 1960’s Pontiac, anything”.

He has significant demands for his Ingersoll W7150 cordless impact wrench, “as it matters that I get things done quickly cause the faster I can get a job done the faster I can get paid, the faster I can, you know, move on to the next vehicle, and get more things done in a shorter period of time”.

House continues, “what I like about the W7150 wrench is it’s just as powerful, if not more powerful than a lot of high-torque impacts out there that run on air, and I don’t have to deal with an air line, and I can go anywhere I want to and do the work I need to get done. This is just as powerful as the 2135 air powered wrench, but it’s nice not having to run an air line because I don’t have to pull it inside of a customer’s vehicle cause that air line will be on the ground and getting dirty, so I’ll have to clean it or lay down mats”.

Providing significant ease of use and a long battery life, working all day at The Auto Clinic without a charge, the power tool helps the workshop take on projects that other shops turn down.

House concludes, “we are using tools that, you know, a lot of other people don’t have, like Ingersoll Rand electric tools, it really helps. That’s why our lot is full, and other shops need work right now”.