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Boot The Bottle For On-site Nitrogen Generation - CAPS

Posted on 22nd August 2014 in

Manufacturers relying on nitrogen gas as a critical function of their business are discovering the significant gains of shifting from a delivered liquid nitrogen service to on-site nitrogen generation.

Experts have claimed that businesses can achieve savings between 40-80%, depending on current liquid nitrogen prices. Even taking into account capital start-up costs (including nitrogen generators, air compressors, receivers, site preparation, power and associated maintenance), on-site nitrogen generation can pay for itself very quickly—in as little as less than two years from purchase.

Generation also delivers unparalleled convenience—a never ending supply of gas at the purity, pressure and flow you require, on site, on demand. With the added value of regular operational expenses dropping each subsequent year, it is not surprising so many businesses are making the switch.

CAPS Australia’s generator specialists can assist your company in finding the right nitrogen generation solution. CAPS’ systems produce a dependable and economical supply of nitrogen allowing you to generate, on-site, the quantity and purity of nitrogen necessary for any application—all at a fraction of the cost of conventional bottled or liquid nitrogen supplies