CAPS Offers Compressor Safety In The Trenches - CAPS

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CAPS Offers Compressor Safety In The Trenches - CAPS

Posted on 24th June 2013 in

Any type of construction site is a dangerous place. Constantly moving heavy machinery, high pressured equipment, and toxic and hazardous chemicals are an everyday part of the industry. With an increasing focus on having a safe and healthy workplace for workers and contractors, considering all of the options available can save more than just money, minimising the risk of injuries and fatalities on their site.

Airman Cooks Body WorksCook’s Body Works, one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of standard and custom-built motor bodies who are recognised for their work with companies such as Coates Hire, Metro Trains and Telstra, recently engaged CAPS Australia’s Melbourne branch to assist with sourcing ten ‘box-type’ portable air compressors that were to be truck mounted for one of their major clients who lay cables and telecoms.

“We looked at all of the different compressor companies in the market but none could offer all the benefits that the Airman machines could deliver,” says Simon Connaughton, Product Development Engineer for Cook’s Body Works. With the assistance of CAPS’ Victorian sales team, ten portable Airman PDS75S-5C1 (75 cfm) box-type air compressors were soon ordered to fulfil Cooks’ tight delivery deadline for their client. “We certainly appreciate CAPS’ competitive pricing, quick delivery and that the Airman portables were self-contained, with no external connections required, and that they also provided numerous safety benefits,” said Connaughton.

Used to power jackhammers, the portable compressor’s operation is aided by several safety features that eliminate the risk of injuries. The control panel is situated at the operator’s chest height, and daily maintenance is made via cabinet-style side-mounted doors, avoiding the need to bend into confined spaces. Peter Zenonos, CAPS’ Victorian Airman product specialist said, “typically, compressors mounted onto truck bodies aren’t ‘optimised’ for mounting, making it difficult for operators to reach controls and provide for more difficult and potentially unsafe access to control panels and maintenance areas”.

Zenonos continues, “the Airman range was designed with safety, comfort and ease-of-use in mind. It provides for easy maintenance, with a side-by-side radiator and oil cooler, and avoids spillages by having all machine fluids removed from the outside of the machine.

With the Airman boxed ‘mine-safe’ portable compressors having a strong presence in the Australian construction and mining industries, with installations on many sites across the country, CAPS anticipates further growth for the product. “The search for constant improvement in workplace safety never ends, and we believe the Airman range can prove to be very helpful in helping companies achieve their safety goals,” added Zenonos.