Introducing the Ingersoll Rand QX Cordless Torque Multiplier

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Introducing the Ingersoll Rand QX Cordless Torque Multiplier

Posted on 24th August 2017 in

Ingersoll Rand QX Cordless Torque Multiplier_500NM_Pistol_a-01
Ingersoll Rand has taken their QX series of programmable, precision tools to the next level with the development of the QX Series 20v Cordless Torque Multiplier.

If torque accuracy and traceability of bolts are critical to your industry then this tool will have the answers to all your needs!

Ingersoll Rand’s primary focus when they developed the QX series cordless range was the precision assembly of fasteners in assembly plants, including aerospace, electronics and automobile factories. However, when they combined a premium grade Norbar torque multiplier gearbox with the QX series, they created the ultimate tool for precision bolting.

QX now offers precision cordless bolting for critical industrial bolting applications including pipe flanges, valves, steel structures, foundation bolts and machinery.

What makes the Ingersoll Rand tool so unique is its closed-loop transducer. Torque settings are programmed into the tool using either its own control panel or via a computer. Communications with the tool can be via a USB cable or via a Wi-Fi option. Torque settings can be passcode locked for quality control purposes.

For Wi-Fi enabled tools, it is possible to remotely monitor bolting torques and adjust settings in real time!

Torque ranges include:

Base Model

ft-lbs (Nm)



30-148 (40-200)



74-369 (100-500)



148-738 (200-1,000)



200-996 (270-1,350)



295-1,475 (400-2,000)



  • Brushless Cordless Motor
  • Norbar 160:1 torque multiplier
  • Visible coloured LED confirms correct torque achieved.
  • + / – 5% accuracy
  • Tool can store up to 1200 bolt fastening results
  • Data can be downloaded to computer via USB or Wi-Fi (option) for analysis and plant records
  • Backlit multi-function display with passcode protected keypad
  • Up to eight programmable bolting configurations per tool
  • User-programmable configurations such as torque, angle and gang count
  • Battery life of approx. 100 bolts per charge.
  • Remotely monitor bolting torques and adjust settings in real time (Wifi enabled only)
  • 360-degree adjustable handle with a 6mm tethering point


CAPS is a National Ingersoll Rand distributor and can Cordless QX Torque Multiplierarrange a demonstration of one of these tools for your business.

For more information or to book a demo, click the link below or call our Product Manager direct on 0438 099 350 today!


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