Air vs. Electric Tools - Which Is Better The Best Option? - CAPS

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Air vs. Electric Tools - Which Is Better The Best Option? - CAPS

Posted on 17th October 2013 in

It can be difficult to decide whether an air tool or cordless tool is best. Below, we’ve made a list of advantages and disadvantages, making your decision a little easier!

For DIY weekend warriors and tradespeople alike, the battle isn’t won with the choice of a single tool, but with the right combination of tools.

There has long been the perception that air tools are only useful in a limited variety of environments, but there are many hundreds of uses for air tools in industrial trade and home environments.

Advantages Of Air Tools

  • Power to weight ratio – with more torque and higher revolutions per minute in comparison with electric-powered tools, users can complete their work project tasks much more effectively with an air tool.
  • Smaller physical size – air tools are generally smaller, lighter and easier to handle.Ingersoll Rand Air Tool
  • Maintenance costs – with minimal moving parts air tools provide lower costs.
  • Safer – eliminating potential issues like electric shock if cords become exposed.
  • Theft – less likely to be stolen as air is needed to power the tool.
  • Screwdrivers have better clutch and torque options.
  • Points of difference – air tools allow for more variance with speeds and torques to help users get their job done more easily.
  • Run cooler – less likely to overheat like electric-powered tools.
  • Versatility – air tools are ideal for a variety of different tasks.
  • Can run continuously.
  • Reliable

Disadvantages Of Air Tools

  • Require a compressor to provide a source of air.
  • Initial purchase costs – high-quality air tools can be surprisingly inexpensive.
  • Higher noise
  • Needs sufficient, clean air to operate.

As you see above, there are many more advantages to using air tools than disadvantages, but it ultimately depends on your individual work requirements and project needs.

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