New Small Air Compressor Enhances Energy Efficiency - CAPS

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New Small Air Compressor Enhances Energy Efficiency - CAPS

Posted on 21st March 2013 in

Air compressors with integrated air treatment packages, called Total Air Systems (TAS), are the cost-effective choice for a wide variety of industrial situations where performance is defined by maximum operating pressure, increased air flow and extended duty cycles.

However, poor quality compressed air can lead to many problems. Oil contamination can cause premature corrosion. Impurities and contaminants, such as silicone and dust, can build up to cause restrictions and blockages in compressor lines, which in turn impact on the performance of motors and other components.

CAPS Australia has expanded its range of TAS air compressors with the introduction of the new Ingersoll Rand 15 to 37 kW TAS units. The new model is a fully integrated system consisting of compressor, air receiver, dryer and filters. “Ingersoll Rand’s designers really came up with a winner here,” according to Dino Alessio, leading Rotary Screw Compressor engineer at CAPS Australia. “Installation cost is minimal, they are truly space saving and the air quality is brilliant”

The relatively small footprint and whisper-quiet operation mean that the air compressor can be positioned close to the point of use thereby reducing installation costs. Package pre-filters protect the internal components from contamination which extends the service life, and the design simplifies servicing, all of which reduces the compressor’s maintenance costs. An additional benefit is that the lubricant used is biodegradable and can be discharged directly to the sewer, therefore negating the need to install an expensive oil/water separator with its ongoing maintenance costs.

The new range compliments the existing 4 to 11kW Ingersoll Rand range which CAPS has been supplying and supporting in Australia for more than a decade. Each model in the range is capable of producing a discharge pressure of up to 14 bar. All CAPS air compressors use high-efficiency MEPS2 motors and comply with all Australian safety and design regulations.