New Ingersoll Rand Impact Wrench Solves Tyre Industry Problems - CAPS

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New Ingersoll Rand Impact Wrench Solves Tyre Industry Problems - CAPS

Posted on 16th January 2013 in

Ingersoll Rand has solved the problem of over-tightening of wheel nuts, which is a common problem with many impact air tools, potentially leading to studs being sheared off if too tight, or for wheels to fall off a moving vehicle if the wheel nuts are too loose with the launch of the 2130XP-TL Impactool. Compressed Air and Power Solutions (CAPS) Australia is the official Ingersoll Rand air tool distributor and supplies the full range of IR air tools in addition to compressors and other industrial equipment.

Ingersoll Rand 2130XP-TL Impact Wrench In UseTorque-limited to a maximum of 75 Nm, the 2130XP-TL has been designed for high-volume tyre change applications. The limiter prevents excessive torque being applied to the wheel and fasteners. “This type of limiter is new to the market at such a competitive price,” according to Andrew McLean, Product Manager – Air Tools with CAPS. “When used in conjunction with a torque wrench, the 2130XP-TL simplifies fastening wheels to the correct torque, thus increasing driver comfort and safety.”

Ingersoll Rand impact air tools are designed to deliver best-in-class power and industrial-grade durability where technicians and maintenance managers need it most. The 2130XP-TL impact wrench is a worthy addition to the Ingersoll Rand air tool line-up.

“The 2130XP-TL impact wrench offers incredible power for its size,” said McLean. “The latest model boasts a variety of new features designed to improve productivity, and the through-handle air exhaust reduces noise levels without compromising best-in-class power performance.”

The new Impactool features a remarkable power-to-weight ratio: weighing less than two kilos, the 2130XP-TL delivers up to 800 Nm of reverse torque. The unit has an energy efficient air motor that minimises compressed air usage thereby reducing the cost of running the tool. The powerful reverse-bias 6-vane air motor is housed in a lightweight, ergonomically designed housing with a feather-touch trigger for greater control, and a patented single-hand operated forward/reverse switch.

Ingersoll Rand 2130XP-TL Impact Wrench ProductThe 2130XP-TL can deliver up to 1,150 impacts per minute using the strongest and most durable drive system in the industry: Ingersoll Rand’s patented twin hammer impact mechanism, which delivers improved performance and features an innovative new steel wear plate to maximise the operational life.

The design features an easy-to-clean inlet pre-screen that captures debris and a modified grease fitting which together simplify maintenance procedures. This allows the unit to be serviced easily by tool operators which reduces down time while increasing tool life and performance.

The Ingersoll Rand 2130XP-TL is available from air tool and automotive resellers across Australia.