CAPS CR Base Mount Screw Compressors 2-15kW, Belt Driven

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CAPS CR Base Mount Screw Compressors 2-15kW, Belt Driven

Fixed Speed, Belt Driven Rotary Screw Compressor


The new CAPS CR Base Mount range offers reliable European high-efficiency compressor technology at an affordable price. Equipped with the toughest European-made components, the CR ensures exceptional performance, efficiency, and long-life. 

  • Air-cooled design with 43oC ambient continuous-duty rating
  • 380-400v/3ph/50hz, IP55 TEFC motor with a 15% safety factor
  • High-Efficiency Asymmetric Airend
  • DOL starter (2-4kW)
  • Star-delta starter (5,5 – 15kW)
  • Basic Electronic controller Logic 26S
  • Compact Machine design
  • Low soundproof enclosure (69-70 dBA)
  • Simple Belt tensioning system

The true beauty of the CR range lies in its simplicity, making it incredibly easy to operate and service. Using a layout that provides instant access to all consumable items, with quick-release protective covers and easy-to-use controllers, you can minimise downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

Components are so competitively priced that you can save up to 30% on service costs compared to equivalent compressors on the market.


Air End:

  • New generation rotary screw air end with
    high efficiency, durability, and low energy
  • Advanced bearing design with high load
    carrying capacity
  • New rotor profile decreasing air leakages
    and required torque values

Motor & Drive System:

  • High efficiency 400V/3 phase/50Hz IE3
    class IP55 electric motor
  • Drive system with belt-pulley mechanism
  • Belts have a working life of a minimum
    12,000 hours
  • Easy belt tensioning system
  • Motor drive system with d.o.l / star-delta

Air/Oil Separator:

  • Easily replaceable spin-on type separator
  • Progressive type, deep bedded and meshed
    separation layers
  • High-performance design with three-stage
  • Low oil carryover ≤ 3 ppm

Air Intake System:

  • Low maintenance intake system
  • Air operated valves
  • Dual air intake filter system

Cooling System:

  • Aluminum combi-cooler for oil and
    compressed air with Plate/Bar system
  • Four-way thermostatic valve
  • Silent and effective axial fan directly coupled
    to the main motor shaft
Pressures Avail. 7.5, 10, 13 barg  (110, 145, 190 psig)
Air Capacities 0.25 – 2.25 m3/min   (9 – 79 cfm)
Motor 2 – 15 kw
Dimensions (min) 88 x 55 x 86 cm
Dimensions (max) 122 x 65 x 92 cm


Assembled in Australia within our 3000m2 ISO9001accredited manufacturing plant, CAPS “Brumby” range can be configured with correctly sized components and options that will suit your needs. The “Brumby” range sees CR Series compressors mounted on massive 500 litre (nominal) air receivers. The larger than standard air receiver results in cooler air which improves air quality, as well as extra air storage capacity for spikes in air demand, and longer cycle times to reduce power and wear from frequent stop/starts.


Dirt, moisture, and oil are everywhere – but they shouldn’t be in your compressed air supply!
Contaminated compressed air in your system can create problems ranging from the inconvenience and cost of increased downstream maintenance, downtime or increased power consumption through to damaged equipment and end products. CAPS SuperDry is a “Complete Solution” which includes a refrigerated dryer and filtration package, ensuring the efficient removal of contaminants for clean and dry air.

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