CAPS CR Rotary Screw Air Compressors VFD 5-30kW

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CAPS CR Rotary Screw Air Compressors VFD 5-30kW

Variable Speed Drive Rotary Screw Compressors


The new CAPS CS – VFD range offers reliable European high efficiency compressor technology at an affordable price.

  • Up to 35% power savings*
  • Automatically speeds up and slows down to only produces the air you need.
  • Low amp draw soft starting
  • High quality VFD inverter
  • European reliability
  • Easy access to all serviceable items

The CAPS CR – VFD is the perfect solution for any industry and application.

Every CAPS CS screw compressor model is equipped with the toughest European-made components, ensuring exceptional performance, efficiency and long-life. 

Built on five years of local field trials, CAPS, Australia’s largest locally owned compressor company, have delivered a high-performance and reliable compressor that rivals other, more expensive European counterparts.

Join over 500 Australian businesses already reaping the benefits of the CR Compressor. Contact us today!

* when compared to a fixed speed compressor supplying a business with a varying air demand

  • Air-cooled design with 43 Degree ambient continuous duty rating
  • Energy saving IE3 – MEPS compliant IP55 motor
  • Low sound – acoustic enclosure (69 – 71 dbA)
  • Easily accessible service components – CAPS service team can provide you with a tailored service program that keeps you focused on your business, not your air supply
  • High-efficiency asymmetric air end
  • Easy to operate electronic controller
Pressures Avail. 7.5, 10, 13 barg  (110, 145, 190 psig)
Air Capacities 0.91 – 5.3 m3/min   (32 – 187 cfm)
Motor 5.5 – 30 kw (7.5 – 40 hp)
Dimensions (min) 1025 x 650 x 950mm
Dimensions (max) 1575 x 1050 x 1750
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