Ingersoll Rand 2-Stage Rotary Screw Compressors 90-250kW

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Ingersoll Rand 2-Stage Rotary Screw Compressors 90-250kW

two-stage rotary screw air compressor


Looking for a highly energy efficient and reliable air compressor? 

Then look no further than Ingersoll Rand’s SSR/M 2-Stage Series of compressors! By compressing air in two stages instead of one, you will benefit from huge savings, including:

  • Longer Bearing life
  • Over 100% payback through energy savings over the life of the compressor
  • 25-50% savings in air system operating costs through unequalled reliability, efficiency and productivity
  • Up to 15% power savings

With Ingersoll Rand’s integral gear drive system, digital control system, and 16,000-hour coolant, the R Series 2-Stage is a compressor that you can count on for years to come.

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  • Rated power range of 90 – 350 kW.
  • Free air delivery range of 13 – 69.2 m3/min, up to 14 bar.
  • Reliable, Ultra-Efficient Performance: Our time-proven two-stage airend offers up to 15% energy savings compared to single-stage compressors, and feature high-quality duplex tapered roller bearings and precision-machined rotors for unmatched rotor profile accuracy
  • Precise Control: Intuitive Intellisys controller gives you complete, fingertip access to your compressor, including easily adjustable operating parameters and time-saving on-board diagnostics
  • Leak-Free Design: Using O-ring fittings significantly reduces the potential leakage problems associated with conventional threaded fittings
  • Easy Service and Maintenance: Uncluttered package designed with fewer components that need servicing, readily accessible behind easily removable panels
  • Flexible Design Options: Air-cooled and water-cooled packages along with high-temperature operation up to 46°C (115°F make it easy to match your operating environment
  • Reduced Lubricant Costs: Designed specifically for rotary screw air compressors, Ultra Coolant minimizes maintenance costs by maximizing the time between changes: 8,000 hours or 2 years
Free Air Delivery 636 – 2,443 cfm
13 – 69.2 m3/min
Pressure 4.5 – 14 bar
65 – 200 psi
Sound Level 75 dBA
Length 1,345 – 4,000 mm
Width 1,579 – 1,930 mm
Height 1,777 – 2,146 mm
  • Custom engineering – With CAPS in-house Engineering team, we can customise any compressor to suit even the strictest requirements.
  • Oil-free
  • Extended warranties available
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