Low-Pressure Industrial Air Blowers

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CAPS Australia is a market leader in low-pressure air solutions and has the widest range of blower technologies available.

CAPS has become an established name in supplying blowers for water treatment, wastewater treatment, sewerage treatment, mineral processing, mining and oil & gas.  No application is too big or too small.   Our customers use low-pressure blowers for anything from water treatment for chicken processing through to Australia’s major water corporations.  

With access to some of the world’s top-tier industrial air blower brands, we have sourced Australia’s premier selection of positive displacement (roots type), turbo, and centrifugal blower technologies to provide the optimum blower selection for you. CAPS blowers provide proven reliability for the right price, giving you the guarantee of ongoing continuous performance and rapid access to expert technical advice, spare parts and rapid response 24/7 nationwide support.

We are a proud, forward-thinking partner to hundreds of customers around Australia, who use our extensive industry experience to deliver enhanced productivity with blower products that offer useful innovations, sustainability and efficiency, and is delivered on time and in spec.

With the capability to locally design, engineer and manufacture custom-made blower packages, including multiple blower control systems, to meet Australian industry standards in required timeframes, you can trust CAPS blowers to take your business to the next level.

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