Pedro Gil F1 Series - CAPS

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Pedro Gil F1 Series - CAPS


Following extensive customer feedback, CAPS completed a worldwide search to find the ideal blower to suit Australia’s harsh conditions. Pedro Gil’s F1 positive displacement (PD) roots-type blowers have been installed in thousands of locations, packed with many features to assist your operation.

When looking for the perfect blower to meet our customers’ needs, the features we identified as important were:

  •  Reliable, Low Noise, Low Pulsation, 3-Lobe/Tri-Lobe Blower Design

    Accessibility – simple access to the main service and maintenance area.  Service and maintenance points are located in the front, allowing blowers to be installed side by side, optimising space.

    Easy Routine Plant Inspections – Oil Levels are visible from outside of the acoustic enclosure.

    Filter Change – Quick change of filter cartridge, by opening the front door of the acoustic enclosure.

    Oil Changes – no mess filling and emptying of the blower.

    Belts Tensioning – Easy belt tensioning system.

    Safety Valve and Check Valve – Installed inside the enclosure.

    Painted Cabinet Enclosure

    Large Capacity Ventilation Fan – For reliable operation, even in high ambient temperature conditions.

    The Pedro Gil blower range was the one range that really stood out from the other blower manufacturers.    CAPS have supplied many other brands of blowers in the past and the Pedro Gil ticks all the boxes.   

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  • Positive displacement (PD)roots type blowers.
  • Nominal capacity of up to 9,000 m3/hr and pressure up to 100 kpa(g).
  • Compact footprint delivers major savings in floor space in tight plant rooms.
  • Ventilation fan included as standard to ensure reliable operation even at high ambient temperatures.
  • Service and maintenance points are located at the front, allowing for easy access.
  • Can be installed side-by-side to save floor space.
  • Prevent failures with optional electronic monitoring system.
  • Painted enclosure panels maximise durability.
  • Large variety of customised options available.
  • Can be integrated into a custom design specially engineered blower package.
Capacity Up to 9,000 m3/hr
Pressure Up to 100 kpa(g)
Vacuum Up to 50 kpa (50%)
  • Axial compensator for pressures over 0.7 bar instead of rubber sleeve.
  • Variable frequency drive.
  • Unloading valve for starting the blower without load (only when VFD is not used).
  • Digital control panel for monitoring pressure, temperature, and vibration.

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