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air compressor oils and Lubricants

Whatever type of compressor you are running, we have a lubricant that is ideal for you.

Ingersoll Rand’s Ultra Coolant is an engineered (polyglycol based) coolant designed to achieve peak compressor performance for rotary screw air compressors. Ultra Coolant’s unique formulation allows for long life, excellent cooling performance and improved compressor efficiency. It has up to 75% lower carry-over and lasts up to eight times longer than conventional compressor mineral oils. Its long life greatly reduces your lubricant and disposal costs, making it an ‘green’ first choice for all makes and models of rotary screw compressor.

Ingersoll Rand Food Grade LubricantFor compressed air users in the food and beverage industry, production quality standards can be upheld with Ingersoll Rand Ultra FG, a food-grade rotary screw compressor lubricant.

Offering outstanding environmental credentials, it achieves a long life of 6,000 plus hours between changes, anti-wear protection to extend your compressor’s life, and a resistance to formation of foam, sludge, varnish and corrosive acids. 

Ingersoll Rand All Season Select, is a synthetic, all-temperature lubricant designed to extend your reciprocating air compressor’s working life.

The All Seasons Select lubricant saves you money by lasting four times longer than petroleum-based lubricants, improves compressor efficiency, reduces wear and prevents carbon build-up.

Our parts e-store provides convenient access to pricing and ordering for all of your lubricant needs.