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How is your compressed air system performing? Is everything running as it should?

With compressed air being responsible for 10-15% of industrial electricity use Australia-wide, an air audit can reveal surprising opportunities to reduce your energy consumption and overall business costs.
Compressed Air AuditsIf your system is not running as well as it is intended to, then you are most likely using more electricity than you ought to be using. Wasting energy is wasting money.

Over its 35+ year history, CAPS has worked with some of Australia’s largest compressed air users, implementing dozens of audit projects and saving clients thousands. Our expert team holds a highly respected voice in the compressed air industry due to a professional approach, industry-leading equipment, processes and specially developed air audit software to ensure consistent and accurate results.

Get on track to smarter productivity today and book an obligation-free air audit with CAPS. Our team will perform and simple yet efficient health-check of your compressed air system. You will receive a report complete with expert recommendations that are guaranteed to deliver long-term savings and improved efficiency.