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AIRMAN is Australia’s #1 Portable Box air Compressor: Hardworking & Reliable.

We’re focused on going above and beyond, giving you a portable diesel box type compressor package that you can rely on, with guaranteed reliable performance and rapid access to technical advice, spare parts and 24/7 support.

We’re proud of our long association with Airman in Japan to manufacture one of the safest and hardest working portable diesel air compressors on the market. Built tough with Shibaura, Yanmar and Isuzu engines, each of our units is jam packed with features to enhance the environment, health and safety impact of your box type compressor.

Airman box type compressors have been specifically designed so they can be easily mounted on utes and service trucks, with additional safety advantages such as daily maintenance functions being able to be completed from one side of the compressor and lockable, silenced and weatherproof steel enclosures.

You can add more features to your Airman box type compressor from choosing from several standard modifications that build on it’s strong environmental and safety characteristics. Each of your compressors is backed with a 12-month warranty (can be extended) and easy access to Australia-wide 24/7 rapid response support.

Not sure what you’re looking for, or seeking more information? Our team are happy to assist! We can even manufacture any of our products to suit even the strictest requirements. Contact us today!