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Need a high-quality industrial air compressor that’s reliable, powerful and built to go the distance?

CAPS have a world-class selection of industrial air compressors in Australia to suit every kind of job, including:

Our Industrial Air Compressors Are Available Australia-wide

From nail guns to paint sprayers, industrial air compressors are an incredibly versatile tool. Rotary screw compressors are perfect for larger industrial jobs, such as food packaging plants, while trailer-mounted compressors are typically used in the construction industry to power jack hammers and sand blasting equipment.


Oil-free air compressors are used by a huge range of industries. The oil & gas sector prefer them for their safety and quality, while pharmaceutical organisations choose them to reduce contamination.


CAPS has one of the largest ranges of industrial compressors


Whether you’re looking for a reciprocating, rotary screw, portable diesel or centrifugal air compressor, CAPS’ flexible solutions are engineered around you. We’re always committed to delivering low-cost, best-in-class industrial air compressors in Australia with unlimited options that are built tough and engineered to last. Stocking the largest range from the world’s leading industrial air compressor manufacturers, we have everything you need for any application. provide 24/7 nationwide service support, as well as access to local and hands-on technical expertise.

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At CAPS, we’re the experts in the supply of industrial air compressors Australia-wide, with locations in Perth, Brisbane, Mackay, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Launceston, and Kalgoorlie. – whatever your industrial air compressor needs are, we’ll make it happen. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help with your industrial-grade commercial air compressors, get in touch with our expert team on 1800 800 878 today.

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How does a commercial air compressor work?

There are different technologies utilised in commercial industrial air compressors like piston or reciprocating, rotary screw, scroll and centrifugal. They work in slightly different ways but all to the same outcome or goal. Most will use the positive displacement method by squeezing the air and reducing the volume but increasing the pressure.

How do you use a commercial air compressor?

There are a few steps to operate a commercial air compressor successfully and safely. Pre-start will generally consist of finding a stable work area, checking the oil level, checking the drain valve, and ensuring the air discharge valves are closed. Lastly, when you are ready to switch on your air compressor, allow the compressor to come up to pressure on the pressure gauge.

How do you choose an industrial air compressor?

There are several steps one needs to take into consideration when choosing the correct commercial air compressor, which are:
• Identify the flow and pressure required
• Determine if you need a stationary or portable air compressor
• Understand what the air compressor will be used for
• Determine if the site has enough power to support the system.

What size commercial air compressor do I need?

It is important to consult with a professional salesperson to find out what size and type of commercial air compressor best suits your application. This is because many factors such as air demand, pressure, power, and compressor type need to be taken into consideration when determining an air compressor’s size.

What do I need to consider when buying a new air compressor?

Various factors need to be considered when buying a new industrial air compressor, such as: 

  • How critical is the compressed air to the operation?
  • Does the compressed air need to be oil free?
  • What is the duty cycle needed? 
  • Is the compressor replacing an existing unit?
  • Are air receivers needed?
  • How critical are dyers to the system?
  • Is energy efficiency a critical parameter? 

Contact CAPS Australia for a sales representative who can answer these and more commercial air compressor questions. 

Are belt driven industrial air compressors better?

The difference between friction force (belt drive) and direct drive (gear drive) air compressors often comes down to cost. The gear drive system will require a more integrated componentry with much higher precision required. Belt drives allow for more variation and distance from the motor to the air-end but are limited by the frictional characteristics of the contact surfaces. Typically, gear drives translate approximately 99% of their energy through, and are suited to, very high power and torque applications. Belt drives typically transmit around 92-96% of the power, so they are less efficient due to energy loss via friction. In terms of maintenance, gear drives require full lubrication and initial cost, and maintenance costs can be marginally higher.

What’s the difference between a single stage and two stage air compressor?

A single stage rotary screw air compressor contains a single set of rotors in a single stator housing. It is typically driven directly by the motor shaft through a set of gears or by a belt and pulley arrangement. A two-stage rotary screw air compressor contains two sets of synchronized rotors and can be housed in a common stator enclosure, or two separate stator enclosures bolted together. The difference between the two is not the end result, but rather the energy required to produce the end result. Basically, you save energy by using two rotors instead of one.

Put in simple terms, there is no oil or lubricant in the compression chamber during the compression process for oil free compressors. There are various types of oil free compressors that include scroll, screw, reciprocating, and centrifugal.

How do scroll compressors work?

There is a stationary and orbital scroll in scroll compressors. The orbital scroll rotates against the stationary scroll to compress the air within the cavities.

What are the best portable air compressors?

The best portable diesel air compressor is an AIRMAN, built specifically for harsh conditions and environments, like outback Australia. The AIRMAN, a product of Japanese manufacturing excellence, offers one of the best returns on investment in the market.

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