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Updated February 2022.


At CAPS, we have an enormous range of air compressors available for long-term hire that are suitable for every kind of project.


If you’re starting out and don’t have the financial resources, or simply don’t want to commit to purchasing expensive equipment, why not choose to rent an air compressor long-term? By choosing our long-term rental option, you can get the latest technology for your business without purchasing an air compressor outright.


Our selection of long-term air compressor hire options include:

  • Portable Diesel Air Compressors
  • Custom Electric Air Compressor Skid Packages
  • Underground Mining Compressor Skid Packages – 1000V
  • Tank-Mounted Electric Compressors with Dryers
  • Industrial Centrifugal and Lobe Blowers
  • On-Site Nitrogen and Oxygen Gas Generators
  • Air Treatment Package
  • Dryers and Air Receivers

There are a whole host of benefits when opting to hire an air compressor long-term, including:

  • A fast, affordable way to access the right machinery needed for the job
  • Full access to the latest industry technology
  • No long-term financial constraints
  • The use of high-end, quality equipment, for as long as you need
  • Fully maintained equipment
  • Servicing completed either at your site or ours

The longer you rent for, the cheaper the rate. You can choose from a standby, 12-hour rate or a 24-hour rate for your air compressor rental. However, if you have a project that has to be done fast, our range of short-term air compressors for hire might be just what you’re after.


Hire an Air Compressor in Australia Today

If you’d like to learn more about our long-term air compressor hire or would like a quote, then give CAPS a call on 1800 800 878. Our air compressors are available for hire Australia-wide, from Perth and Brisbane to Melbourne and beyond.

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