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CAPS Air Dryers, affordable heatless compressed air to a wide range of industries and projects.


Air dryers are essential equipment in many industries, as they help remove moisture from compressed air systems. Two common types of air dryers are desiccant air dryers and refrigerated air dryers. At CAPS, our heatless desiccant compressed air dryers help to lower the ‘dew point’ to help dry out the air.  The outcome is an extremely dry air flow with a -40 degrees dew point. These types of dryers work by the desiccant adsorbing the water vapour in the air, and are popular for industrial applications and processes that require very dry air, such as the packaging of pharmaceuticals or transportation of electrical components.


What is a Desiccant Air Dryer?

Desiccant air dryers use a desiccant material, such as silica gel or activated alumina, to absorb moisture from the compressed air. The desiccant material is housed in a container, and the compressed air is passed through it. As the air passes through the desiccant material, the moisture is adsorbed, leaving dry air. Desiccant air dryers are ideal for applications that require extremely dry air, such as in the pharmaceutical, food, and electronics industries.

At CAPS, we pride ourselves on supplying the best equipment on the market, which is why we stock the PSK Series Heatless Desiccant Compressed Air Dryer.  Known for its reliability, the PSK Series is an industry workhorse that requires minimal maintenance.  One of its best features is the proprietary airflow switching valve that comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.


What is a Refrigerated Air Dryer

Refrigerated air dryers, on the other hand, use a refrigeration system to cool the compressed air, causing the moisture to condense and separate from the air. The condensed moisture is then drained from the system, leaving dry air. Refrigerated air dryers are more commonly used in industrial applications, such as in manufacturing plants and automotive shops.


What are the advantages of having an air dryer

Both desiccant air dryers and refrigerated air dryers have their advantages and disadvantages. Desiccant air dryers are more effective at removing moisture from compressed air, but they require more maintenance and have higher operating costs. Refrigerated air dryers are less expensive to operate and require less maintenance, but they are not as effective at removing moisture from compressed air. Both will help to ultimately remove moisture and lower the dew point recorded on your machines. 

Choosing the right type of air dryer depends on the specific needs of your application. If you require extremely dry air, a desiccant air dryer may be the best option. If you need a more cost-effective solution, a refrigerated air dryer may be the way to go. Regardless of which type of air dryer you choose, it’s important to properly maintain and operate it to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Our team at CAPS Australia are dedicated to providing a strong service history and maintenance of your machine when you purchase with us. 

You can view our products online or have one of our specialist recommend which one would pair best with your piece of equipment by contacting us today!

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