Air Dryers

Our air dryers are designed and built to provide reliable, affordable heatless compressed air to a wide range of industries and projects.


At CAPS, our heatless desiccant compressed air dryers help to lower the ‘dew point’ to help dry out the air.  The outcome is an extremely dry air flow with a -40 degrees dew point. These types of dryers work by the desiccant adsorbing the water vapour in the air, and are popular for industrial applications and processes that require very dry air, such as the packaging of pharmaceuticals or transportation of electrical components.


In this type of air dryer, the desiccant can only hold a certain amount of moisture before becoming saturated. In order for the air flow to be continuous, it is therefore important that two towers are built into the dryer – one to dry the air, and the other to automatically regenerate the desiccant.


At CAPS, we pride ourselves on supplying the best equipment on the market, which is why we stock the PSK Series Heatless Desiccant Compressed Air Dryer.  Known for its reliability, the PSK Series is an industry workhorse that requires minimal maintenance.  One of its best features is the proprietary air flow switching valve that comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

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