Compressed air may be your least efficient energy source.

Did you know?

  • 15% of industrial electricity generates compressed air.
  • 90% of the input energy is discharged as waste heat.
  • 73% of the cost of a compressor is due to energy use.
  • 50% of compressed air can be wasted through leaks.
  • In fact, over 10 years, the energy cost maybe 10 – 30 times the initial capital cost.

If your system is not running as well as it is intended to, then you are most likely using more electricity than you ought to be using. Wasting energy is wasting money.

The many benefits of doing an air or energy audit

A compressed air system represents a significant investment at the time of purchase as well as the ongoing variable costs over the lifetime of the system.

Given the amount of total energy consumed over the lifetime of the system, it is important that you maximise its efficiency. 

An air audit is an extremely worthwhile way of finding opportunities to improve energy efficiency and therefore reduce costs. 

There is a myriad of things that can cause your system to run less inefficiently, such as air leaks, running excessive pressure, incorrect compressor sizing,
incorrect controller setup and incorrect application of air treatment components, just to name a few.

Let CAPS Australia’s team of compressed air experts audit your system to determine how efficient your system is and offer recommendations that could save significant money off your operating costs each year.

What does an audit involve?

CAPS’ audits are simple and low-cost:

  1. Collect and log system operational data
  2. Determine equipment and capabilities
  3. Develop a baseline of demand and performance
  4. Review appropriate service regime
  5. Uncover compressed air issues

Real customers. Real results.

  • $45K in electricity saved annually.
  • 2.7 years total project payback.
  • Additional maintenance savings.
  • More reliable equipment.
  • Delivers more stable pressure and less wear and tear on downstream equipment.

Discover your potential savings today and book an obligation-free air audit with CAPS.

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