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Airend Rebuilds

Airend rebuilds can often save your business thousands of dollars, with the airend of your rotary screw air compressor often exposed to heavy operation and permanent wear. Little is often done to protect one of the most critical components of your compressor until it goes offline with a major failure, costing you lost profits and halting productivity.

Airend rebuilds are an economical way to extend the life of your oil flooded rotary screw compressor.


To aid our customers, CAPS has several airend rebuild centres nationally to make your compressor run reliably again.

The airend rebuild process starts with a complete disassembly and inspection of the airend. All bearings, journals, gear fits, and bearing bores are visually inspected and measured. All housings and rotor sets are inspected for damage. Our standard scope of work includes installation of bearings, seals, gaskets, and o-rings with new premium quality parts. All metal repairs are performed and rotor sets are dynamically balanced. The airend is then assembled, pressure-tested, and painted and palletised.

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