Sauer Compressors

Sauer Compressors is a German company with twelve international subsidiaries. The company was founded more than 130 years ago, and has over 80 years’ experience in compressed air technology.

Today, it focusses on the development, production and sale of medium and high-pressure compressors for applications in commercial shipping, industries, the petroleum industry and the defence sector.

CAPS Australia distributes 2 lines of their products: SAUER and HAUG to focus on specific fields of application. The SAUER line comprises oil-lubricated high-pressure compressors for a wide variety of applications, while HAUG stands for oil-free and hermetically gas-tight compressors.

Sauer Compressors’ modern reciprocating compressors for the compression of air and various gases reach pressures of 20 to 500 barg. Besides standard products, it offers customised solutions for individual customers, OEMs and companies that operate on a global stage.

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