Summer is Here – Is Your Air Compressor Ready? - CAPS

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Summer is Here – Is Your Air Compressor Ready? - CAPS

Posted on 17th February 2017 in

Did you know that hot air blowing out of the compressor’s cooler (that has no quick escape from the enclosure) is sucked back in the inlet end of the machine?


If your compressor is installed in a small enclosure, it will benefit from ducting the hot air out of the enclosure. The ductwork cross section should be at least as large as the cooler. It does not need to be anything fancy or factory made.

Whether it’s made from sheet metal, self-tapping screws and duct tape or plywood with hinged doors, anything that ducts the heat out of the room will do, but remember to leave a door to reach and clean the coolers.

Did you know unenclosed compressors need ventilation too? Cross flow is always best with an exhaust fan and louvred hot air discharge near the top of the room. Remember to size the vent at least as large as the cooler, and the vent fan should displace more cfm than the compressor’s cooling fan. Cooling fan cfm ratings can be found in the specifications for most air cooled rotary screw compressors.

Paying close attention to the operating temperatures of your rotary screw compressors and protecting them from the summer’s heat will extend the life of your air compressors and your oil.

If you have any queries or would like us to inspect your compressor, we welcome you to contact us!