400cfm Airman Trailer Compressor - CAPS

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400cfm Airman Trailer Compressor - CAPS



The Airman PDS400S-6B5-T 400cfm trailer mounted diesel compressor offers outstanding performance and reliability. 

It is ideal for many civil engineering, mining, agricultural and blasting applications where extreme operating conditions are often found.

It’s compact size, Australian sourced and fitted under-carriage, inertia brakes and handbrake, makes it a breeze to tow and reverse. 

Maintenance is made simple with fluids all released from the side via hand release drains. 

A full range of options is available to suit all site and application requirements.

All Airman compressors are manufactured in Japan in an ISO9001 accredited factory.

  • FACTORY BUILT WITH AFTERCOOLER – Installed with bypass for a superior aftercooling effect.
  • FRONT & REAR CHAIN DOWN POINTS – Great for transport and rental fleets.
  • NEARLY 14% MORE FUEL EFFICIENT – New Kubota engine and more efficient air-end, increasing fuel efficiency by nearly 14%!
  • SPRING SUSPENSION – Long lasting and heavy duty.
    EXTENSIVE SAFETY FEATURES – Its extensive list of emergency stop devices and warnings takes the guesswork out of fault analysis.
  • LIGHTER WEIGHT – At 80kg lighter than its predecessor, towing the PDS400SC-6B5-T is a breeze.
  • Powder-coated for extra durability and rust resistance.
  • Inertia style braking system for ease of use and additional braking control.
  • Dual voltage LED lights, allowing you to tow behind any suitably rated vehicle.
  • Heavy-duty separate air filters to engine and compressor, improving efficiency and dust protection.
  • Made in Japan – superior build quality and reliability.
  • Heavy duty Australian-made trailers ensure full compliance with all local standards and readily available.
  • Service areas offer ease of inspection, maintenance and repairs.
  • 1-year / 1,500 hour manufacturer’s warranty PLUS CAPS’ 6-year / 8,500 hour warranty on compression air end (conditions apply)
  • Quiet performance at 74 dBA (at 7 metres).
  • Generous storage access compartments via gullwing-style doors, for easy one-hand operation.
  • Available with an extensive range of custom options.
  • Backed up by an Australia-wide aftermarket support network of 9 branches.
Free Air Delivery 400 cfm (11.3 m3/min)
Rated Pressure 100 psi (7.0 bar)
Maximum Pressure 120 psi (8.25 bar)
Engine Kubota V3000DI-TIE2B-COHE1: 4 cycle, water cooled, direct injection type with turbo charger, 4 cylinders
Exhaust Emissions Tier 2
Fuel Tank Capacity 178 litres (diesel/Biofuel B5)
Noise Level at 7 m 74 dBA
Length 3,665 mm
Width 1,975 mm
Height 1,720 mm
Operational Weight 1,740 kg
Air Outlet (2) x ¾ inch and (1) x 2 inch


  • Aftercooler and water separator
  • Environmental containment base
  • Battery isolator (lockable)
  • Emergency stop button
  • Donaldson Powercore air cleaner roof mounted in lieu of the internally mounted Donaldson cleaner
  • LED multi-voltage trailer lights
  • Exhaust spark arrestor
  • Spare wheel and mounting bracket
  • Wheel chocks
  • Fire extinguisher 2.5 or 9.0 kg (dry chemical)
  • Air hose 20 m x 20 mm Ø ID rubber air hose and fittings
  • Air hose reel
  • Full range of Ingersoll Rand pneumatic tools
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