CAPS Australia offers a wide variety of products and services that can be utilised in each step of the wine making process, providing a complete solution.


Required for nearly every stage of the bottling process, compressed nitrogen is a vital component of a winery’s operations.

If your winery is using bottled nitrogen, you are potentially missing out on the proven savings and increased productivity that on-site nitrogen generation offers.


CAPS has successfully supplied and installed nitrogen generation systems across a number of Australian wineries. Our systems typically pay for themselves in less than two years and in many instances cut the price per cubic metre of nitrogen per day by between 40-80 percent depending on current nitrogen prices.
That’s thousands more in your pocket with the added benefit of having a constant supply of nitrogen at your fingertips.


Air compressors perform a range of wine production functions, including grape processing (crushing, pressing, cooling, heating, filtering, drying), as well as receiving and bottling the end product.

In the crushing and pressing phase of production, accurate control of the presses is crucial to the quality of the finished product. A reliable compressed air system provides a means of accurately controlling the pressure of the press.

Whether it is a first-time purchase or an upgrade of your existing system, CAPS is guaranteed to have a compressed air solution that will suit your winery’s requirements. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressor to significantly reduce energy consumption, or look at food-grade oil-free air, both of which can be supplied new or retro-fitted to existing plant. Our experienced team will customise an efficient, energy-managed system that reduces energy use, cost, and runs in line with your seasonal production surges.


CAPS compressors use environmentally friendly compressor lubricant and keep noise pollution to a minimum. We can supply a complete system package, including compressors, air dryers and filtration equipment.


Australian wineries need to consider the risks associated with a potentially unreliable power supply. What would be the cost of having your fridges, computers, machinery, lights and climate / humidity control for the vats not working for one hour, two hours or more?

With recent widespread blackouts across the country and power companies' reluctance to build new base load power stations until a carbon price is set, it is little wonder that many wineries are investing in backup power generators. 

Your business can continue to operate with little interruption during a blackout by using an auto-start equipped generator and an automatic transfer switch (ATS) connected into mains power. The CAPS range of power generators are manufactured in Europe to the highest standards and have built a solid reputation in Australia as a dependable mains backup generator. CAPS generators start 11kVA and are available in sizes up to 4,200kVA.



CAPS Hybrid Power Systems is a clean energy system powered by the nature, which is easily configurable to meet requirements in wide range of power. 


CAPS Australia launch of its Hybrid Power Plants; comprises of variable speed engines; high power density solar panels; together LiFeP04 high cycle storage batteries to ensure clean reliable low cost energy for an off-grid application. 

These fully self-contained power plants; built to operate in the most extreme conditions; delivered pre-assembled; tested & commissioned with the PLUG & PLAY concept ideal for temporary or permanent installations. 

Each product is fitted with remote telemetry giving our client direct access to load profiles, fuel consumption data, GPS tracking and much more.

The CAPS Hybrid Product ensure a continuous & steady power supply, making it ideal for applications such as telecom; construction; outdoor events etc. 



CAPS Australia specialises in quality air products with proven reliability. We offer short, long term rental or rent to own at very attractive rates across Australia. Ideal for your projects, seasonal peak demand and any breakdown requirements with flexibility to suit your needs.

CAPS has vast experience in renting air equipment to contracting, industrial and mining companies. With a large fleet of hundreds of units, CAPS rental equipment provides ready solutions to satisfy a wide range of applications, ranging from industrial to off-shore, ensuring top quality equipment and a high standard of customer service.


  • Large range of new ‘mine spec’ equipment ready for immediate dispatch from our local Hubs.
  • Serviced and ready for work
  • Standby, 12 hour and 24 hour duty pricing


  • Large range of new ‘mine spec’ equipment ready for immediate dispatch from our local Hubs.
  • Management of total design, development and manufacturing of specialised one-off compressor, generator and blower packages
  • This includes an in-house engineering department and testing facility which operates under a certified ISO9001:2015 quality assurance system.
  • Rate is quoted based on annual duty
  • Service and travel included in Rental price, no extra payments

For more information or if you need help to install your compressor or generator, contact one of CAPS Australia expert on 1800 802 697 or send us an email at CAPS 42 years of expertise in compressed air, all around Australia, is the guarantee of a quality solution suited specifically for your business which will perform for years to come.

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