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CAPS can perform pressure vessel registrations, testing & inspections across Perth and all over WA.

Most businesses undertake inadequate inspection and maintenance of pressure vessels, specifically air receivers. 

Pressure vessels can fail and explode, potentially causing injury and death. As there are substantial risks associated with failing to work safely with your air receiver, there is a legislative framework in every state of Australia that sets minimum requirements for controlling risk, and for consultation.

If your workplace contains an air receiver, you are responsible for ensuring:

  • Pressure equipment, including safety relief valves, are to be inspected by competent personnel at regular intervals as per AS3788
  • Pressure vessels with hazard levels A-C as per AS4343 are to be registered with the state governing body

In accordance with mine sites across Australia, when checking your pressure vessel, the pressure relief valve has to be overhauled and tested to keep it in a safe condition. CAPS can test any and all pressure relief valves – no matter the size or pressure. 

The ultrasonic thickness measurements are compared against that of the MDR (Manufacturer’s Data Report).

Once an inspection is complete, our technician will sign off his report that concludes the receiver is safe to use. This covers you from any liability in the unlikely event something goes wrong. 

Following the inspection, you are provided with an in-depth report that details the specifications of your pressure vessel, any components that were replaced, as well as detailed comments confirming its compliance. For extra peace of mind, our team will contact you when your next interval arrives & book a time that suits you.

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Air Receiver Testing

The Risks From Not Inspecting Pressure Vessels

Not having your receiver tested and inspected within adequate intervals could lead to violations of occupational health and safety regulations, which also means you may not be covered by your insurer should something go wrong.

On install, air receivers must be signed off as safe to use and registered with Work Safe. AS3788 states that inspections must be carried out every 2 years (external) and every 4 years (internal). Most people choose to carry out their receiver inspections every 2 years (both internal and external) as it’s more cost-effective. Once registered, they do not need to be re-registered unless they are moved. air receiver inspection registration

If moved, your vessel must be registered again to comply with AS3788 standard and WA OH&S legislation 1996, which states that the employer has to provide a safe working environment.

CAPS is able to perform a complete range of pressure vessel testing activities on your site (in WA) to ensure that you comply with Western Australian legislation.

If you have any queries or would like to book an inspection (in WA), we welcome you to contact us below.


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