Bell Bay, TAS, Australia

Bell Bay Aluminium

Peter Zenonos
Branch Manager, VIC
The Problem

Pacific Aluminium is a world leader in quality aluminium products. Pacific Aluminium is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rio Tinto, with five assets including smelter operations in Australia and New Zealand.

CAPS were tasked by Bell Bay Aluminium with providing 100% oil-free, clean compressed air with the most efficient compressed air technology to assist in the operation of their Aluminium Smelter.

Bell Bay Aluminium also needed a dedicated room to house their compressor and dryer.

Key Takeaways
  • 1x

    3-stage Ingersoll Rand C950 Centrifugal compressor

  • 1x

    Heatless Zero Loss Desiccant dryer

  • 25%

    saving on compressed air


CAPS provided a best-in-class and highly energy-efficient Ingersoll Rand solution:

  • 3-stage Ingersoll Rand C950 Centrifugal compressor with hot air discharge
  • Heatless Zero Loss Desiccant dryer
  • Air receiver

Bell Bay built a dedicated room to house the compressor and dryer, as per CAPS recommendation. CAPS also recommended a suitable cooling tower to ensure the compressor has the highest quality water.


CAPS utilised the hot air discharge to regenerate the desiccant media in the desiccant dryer, eliminating 20-25% of purged air.

CAPS supplied the most efficient solution by:

  • Fitting a soft starter to the compressor (providing the low start up current. representing a saving of approx. 38%)
  • 3 stage oil-free centrifugal technology.
  • Desiccant Dryer with Zero Purge (a further saving of 25% on compressed air).



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