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Andrew Fraser
Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality Manager

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The Proposal

The customer originally contacted CAPS Australia with the request to generate bulk clean, dry instrument air, with maximum energy efficiency whilst balancing the capital equipment and infrastructure installation costs. This would allow the customer to meet the required compressed air quality and demand under worst case ambient conditions. CAPS determined a customised equipment solution was needed to meet the site environmental standards with safe and simple automatic operating requirements while also complying with the client specifications.


CAPS solution was to design, build and supply a heavily customised air compressor and dryer package. 

The package included: 

  • 8 x 355kW Ingersoll Rand flagship oil-flooded rotary screw air compressors which represent the latest tradition for supply of highest quality, heavy duty, reliable and efficient compressors
  • 4 x zero-loss desiccant dryers from our German partner FST 

These products were completed with factory acceptance testing, passed final client inspections, customized with outdoor mods, high dust filtration, packaged pre filters and enhanced safety electrics. 

Compressor features:

  • The 2 stage RS355ie compressors have a full load efficiency of 6 kW / m3 / min positioning it at the cutting edge of outright rotary screw efficiency
  • Delivers 69 m3/min / 2437cfm of free air delivery at 8.5bar
  • Compressor features IE3 heavy duty 96% efficient drive motor, designed specifically to Ingersoll Rand’s exacting specifications
  • Capable of continuous full load delivery in ambient temperatures as high as 46°C without deration
  • Xe145 full feature controller that includes the ability to communicate to customer communication systems with Modbus RS485 or Modbus TCP/IP protocols.
  • Xe145 controller can sequence 8 additional machines without use of external master controller and integral web server feature included for monitoring compressor statuses via a connected browser.
  • Safety features have been added such as the compressor having incoming power isolation and electrics inside compliant with applicable requirements of AS3000 standard
  • Every pressure relief valve re-tested and certified to AS1271 standards
  • A Protective cover for the Xe145 controller providing IP65 weather and UV protection
  • High dust 2 stage filtration system with innovative primary mechanical separation panel with dust collectors
  • Primary Dust Collection Panel is followed by high efficiency, high capacity air filter element with the mechanical separation system ensuring maximum service life of the critical air filter element even in harshest, dirty and dusty environments
  • Packaged pre filtration, ensuring compressor cooling airflow is pre cleaned prior to entering compressor, which provides long term protection for oil cooler and air after coolers in dirty and environments.
  • Packaged pre filter element easily accessible for routine maintenance

Desiccant dryer features:

  • Produces 8,000 normal metres cube per hour or 4,700CFM of air dried to -40 degrees Celsius pressure dew point, @ pressures low as 6.5bar
  • Pre and Post filters treated the air to ISO8573 class 1.2.1 standards
  • Maximum energy efficiency achieve as dryers are configured as zero loss heat regenerative to ensure no valuable upstream compressed air is lost through inefficient purge cycles.
  • Air to water inlet heat exchangers optimise air temperature to 30-35°C even on the hottest of WA days.
  • Dryers Include pneumatically actuated duty selection valves which are automatically controlled by an innovative master system controller designed and supplied by CAPS.
  • Automatic redundant dryer capacity available at all times for critical plant instrument air needs.
  • Dryers painted to the client specifications which include AS1210 with pressure vessels fitted with AS1271 safety valves.
  • PLC controller, mounted in a stainless steel IP65 rated enclosure
  • Controller has ability to communicate with the site communications DCS via Modbus TCPIP

The main benefits CAPS can provide to our customers are:

  • We can provide the full end-to-end solution.  Right from the beginning with our in-house engineering team to design the bespoke solution to meet the customers desired outcome, the customisation and manufacturing. This includes an in-house engineering department and testing facility which operates under a certified ISO9001:2015 quality assurance system, ensuring the equipment meets all the customer’s requirements before it leaves our facility.
  • As CAPS is an independent business which is not tied to a particular OEM, we are able to search the world for the best matching piece of equipment tied to the customers’ requirements

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