CAPS are proud to announce our new partnership with Carbon Neutral Adelaide.

As a Founding Partner, CAPS has been recognised for our commitment and contribution to reducing emissions, helping to make the City of Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city.

With compressed air contributing to over 15% of industrial energy use, CAPS believes there is a responsibility and significant opportunity to reduce our client’s carbon footprints and the overall impact that inefficient compressed air practices has on the environment.

We believe that, through innovative technologies and the application of measurement and continuous improvement methodologies, we can enact positive change for the future wellbeing of our community.

Carbon Neutral Adelaide provides an excellent platform for businesses such as CAPS, allowing us to network our carbon reduction initiatives and encourage other businesses to consider ways they can assist sustainable development.

What CAPS is doing to reduce Carbon Emmissions

Energy Auditing:

At CAPS, we strongly believe that what you don’t measure, you can’t improve. That is why one of our most significant carbon reducing initiatives is energy efficiency auditing. Our team provides specialist auditing and consulting services to assist organisations with the complicated task of optimising their compressed air equipment.

An audit will identify sources of leakages, inefficient control as well as other factors that are reducing the efficiency of our client’s systems. Through recommendations and practical solutions, we can reduce our customer’s compressed air-related carbon footprint by over 60%.

Highly Efficient Technologies:

Older compressed air technologies are likely to be inherently inefficient. Fortunately, there are new technologies available that have been specifically designed with high efficiency in mind. CAPS supplies a number of highly efficient alternatives for our clients, including:

  • CAPS VSD Compressors: uses an AC drive to control the speed of the unit, closely matching electrical input to compressed air demand, which in turn saves energy compared to a fixed speed equivalent.
  • CAPS Scroll Compressors: deliver step-driven demand control. Saves up to 25% energy consumption by adopting a modulated control process that offers flexibility for varying air demand conditions.
  • CAPS CDRP Dryers: revolutionary energy saving refrigerated compressed air dryers that use Phase Change Material (PCM), which can store the refrigerated energy to save up to 99% of energy compared to standard dryers.
  • Natural Gas Generators: Natural gas (or LPG) is one of the cleanest fossil fuels when it burns. In comparison to diesel, emissions and infrastructure requirements are considerably lower.

Past Achievements:

CAPS has assisted a number of Adelaide business in reducing their carbon footprint through the installation of new technologies and our energy efficiency audits. A recent hospital installation in the Adelaide CBD involved replacing four older technology reciprocating compressors (high noise, high vibration and inefficient) with four new scroll technology compressors (whisper quiet, low vibration and high efficiency).
In times of low demand a 3.5KW motor will deliver compressed air as required, where the replaced compressor used a 30KW motor in the same situation.

Our Carbon Footprint:

CAPS Adelaide is reducing the carbon footprint of its own facilities, installing reflective window screens and upgrading the air-conditioning system to a far more environmentally friendly unit. We also have plans to upgrade to energy efficient light fittings in 2018.

For more information or to speak with your local team, we welcome you to email us or call 1800 800 878. We look forward to speaking with you!

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