If you run submersible pumps, check out our range of AIRMAN "V-PUMPS" fitted with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) which allows you to reduce the size of the generator by a third, as you no longer have to purchase a generator 3 times the capacity of your pump (to allow for start-up current). This also has the added benefit of the generator not having to run under light load conditions, resulting in better fuel efficiency and less risk to the engine due to exhaust slobber, cylinder glazing and fuel dilution. 

Because you have control with the VSD, you can utilise this to control the flow of your pump which has the added benefit of improved fuel efficiency. To enquire about our V-PUMP range, get in touch with your local CAPS branch 1800 800 878.  

The V-PUMP range comes in three models which can be viewed below. 

Click here to view the V-PUMP 15 (20KVA)

Click here to view the V-PUMP 30 (37KVA)

Click here to view the V-PUMP 37 (50KVA)

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