The Airman PDS185 box type portable air compressor is designed to improve safety and ergonomics in the arduous mining, construction and rental industries and is available exclusively from CAPS Australia, the largest independently-owned compressed air company in Australia.

The Airman PDS185 features a control panel situated at the operator’s chest height when the machine is mounted on a truck or utility vehicle. This arrangement eliminates the risk of causing or aggravating back and hand injuries through overhead work.

This special feature supplements the characteristics of Airman’s standard box type compressor range, which are designed to avoid safety risks associated with chassis or trailer mounted operation. This is achieved with a compact boxed or skid-type mount which can be lifted onto a vehicle by crane or forklift, driven to where it is needed, and then safely unloaded at the required site.

“Anyone who’s driven a family trailer can see the benefits of fixed operation,” said Richard Sweet, Marketing Manager – Portable Products at CAPS Australia. “Traditionally, portable machines are towed along the road behind a truck, which can lead to vehicle accidents and damage to machinery, particularly when road conditions are poor. Manhandling trailer-mounted equipment over uneven or slippery ground can also lead to injury.”

All Airman box type portable diesel compressors feature cabinet style doors on one side of the machine, allowing the operator to access all service points, controls and indicator levels without climbing onto the vehicle. All machine fluids can be removed from the outside of the machine, and tools are not required to access the hand operated fuel and oil drains.

Box type diesel compressors have a sealed floor pan with containment walls that will catch normal day to day spillage or minor leaks such as compressor and engine oils in the unlikely event that they occur. This prevents slip hazards and skin irritations in personnel exposed to fluid spills. This standard base is strong enough to allow forklift pick-up. If additional spillage protection is required, a custom-built environmental containment base – designed by CAPS to retain all machine liquids – is available.

Portable air compressors are widely used in the mining, construction and rental industries and operating conditions are rarely ideal. Innovative design solutions like the Airman PDS 185 can improve safety and ease of operation in these hazardous environments.

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