CAPS Product Manager for Gas and Special Products, William Chan, recently travelled to Germany to visit one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-quality high-pressure compressors, SAUER Compressors. Having made a name for themselves in the global marine industry, SAUER Compressors has been collaborating with CAPS for approximately eight to nine years now. Further cementing the relationship, at the end of 2018, CAPS was proudly appointed as their official Australian distributor.

SAUER Compressors has gained a reputation for its exceptional culture, products and work processes. William, always on the hunt to learn and create better quality experiences for CAPS’ customers, visited SAUER Compressors’ factory to gain more knowledge as to why their products are of such high quality and reliability, and to discover first-hand what makes them stand out from the crowd and attract customers the way they do.

William was given a full-fledged tour around SAUER Compressor’s factory, receiving a close-up look at their state-of-the-art facilities including their machine shop, electrical and mechanical assembly areas, training centre and test bays where they have the capacity to manufacture and test more than 3,500 oil-free and oil-lubricated air compressors per year.


Starting in their machine shop, William was impressed by the standard of cleanliness that was implemented by the company. In this area, SAUER Compressors automates the manufacture of high-precision components.

The system of loading these components is performed with minimal manhandling. This helps prevent contamination of raw materials, saves manufacturing process time and results in high control of the component quality.

Next stop was SAUER Compressors’ Training Centre, where, incredibly, training personnel has access to at least one of every single compressor and controller model manufactured since SAUER Compressors’ establishment in 1884.


This gives trainee’s an opportunity for hands-on service and operational work across SAUER Compressors’ entire portfolio.

The following zone was SAUER Compressors’ Mechanical Assembly Area “Island” workstations and the electrical assembly area. This is where more than 80 of SAUER Compressors’ experienced engineers assemble the high-pressure compressors. 

These areas are well laid out with a good level of “5S” principles applied.

The factory also features test bays, an environmental chamber, a research and development bay and a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) assembly bay.

Prior to leaving the factory, every SAUER Compressors machine is tested for eight hours of operation as well as trend recording.

Once the tests are finalised and completed, they will typically be issued with a formal test certificate. The benefit of this certificate is to assure that the machines are operating within a consistent quality standard and demonstrates authenticity.

At the conclusion of the factory tour, William was impressed by SAUER Compressors’ capability on product training, design, testing, R&D, customisation and aftermarket support.

CAPS is currently working on a number of new projects with SAUER Compressors across a broad range of technical gas applications involving helium, oxygen and hydrogen. The applications include turbine generator start-up, hydropower, laboratory testing, and helium gas recovery. William shared his enthusiasm for this new chapter in the supplier relationship.

“With this mature relationship, CAPS now has the ability to expand into areas that we would have not had access to the past, hence, allowing us to develop and enhance our products and services for new market opportunities”, William said. “CAPS now has greater flexibility for higher pressure applications up to 500 barg.”

“Seeing SAUER Compressors’ dedication to product quality and performance first-hand, has further strengthened CAPS position to offer these exceptional products to the Australian market”.

For information on Sauer Compressors’ full range, click here.

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