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Kohler KD Series 30 – 300 kVA

Posted on 14th June 2012

Delivering dependable power for many prime and standby applications, the Kohler KD Series power generator is engineered to provide maximum power, performance, flexibility and fuel efficiency. CAPS offers easy access to Australian-based design and project engineers who can custom design your generator to meet your application requirements, giving you a one-stop source you can trust…

Kohler KV Series 300 – 700 kVA

Posted on 14th June 2012

Protect your critical power applications with the Kohler KV Series power generator, which is packed with power, and engineered for total performance. The KV series are powerful, fast, automatic, quiet and clean – and standby power is never in doubt when you need it. CAPS offers a full range of customisation options, along with turnkey…

Kohler REOZM 1250 – 2250 kVA

Posted on 14th June 2012

Kohler’s 1,250 to 2,250 kVA power generator range are ideal for high impact loads where generator response (voltage and frequency recovery) is required for optimum system performance. With a large range of options, and a full range of turnkey services, CAPS Australia is your ideal partner to help you meet the most stringent application requirements for…

Kohler KX Series 715 – 3,300 kVA

Posted on 14th June 2012

Powered with the latest MTU diesel engine technology, the Kohler KX Series of power generators offers excellent single step load acceptance, fuel economy and reliability. The highly sophisticated KX generator provides safe and dependable protection for all of your critical applications, ensuring that you always have power when you need it. CAPS offers a complete…

Cogeneration And Trigeneration Solutions

Posted on 14th June 2012

Cogeneration (or trigeneration) has the ability to significantly increase the energy efficiency of a given site and reduce carbon emissions. CAPS Australia have strong expertise in developing systems to take advantage of these system’s many benefits to buildings. Exploring whether a cogeneration or trigeneration solution for your business is also ideal for existing buildings, with…

Ingersoll Rand Type 30 Compressors

Posted on 31st May 2012

Ingersoll Rand’s small piston compressors offer proven technology that offers an economical and dependable compressed air solution for commercial, automotive and light industrial applications. Ingersoll Rand piston Type 30 reciprocating air compressors are ideal when reliable performance is defined by maximum operating pressure, increased air flow and extended duty cycles. Our Type 30 piston compressors come…

Ingersoll Rand Infinity Series

Posted on 31st May 2012

Ingersoll Rand’s new generation Infinity Series rotary screw air compressor provides maximum efficiency and reliable performance through an integrated, simple and advanced design integrating airend, interconnecting pipework and oil separation system.  

Ingersoll Rand UP Series Compressors

Posted on 31st May 2012

Ingersoll Rand UP series rotary screw air compressors are built to last, delivering unrivalled reliability. Allowing for quick, simple and easy maintenance, the heavy-duty UP range comes in a self-contained air compressor package that offers several features designed to provide maximum efficiency and uptime for your application.  

Ingersoll Rand R Series 37-75kw

Posted on 31st May 2012

Offering innovative features such as PAC protection, V-Shield technology and a sequential cooling system to ensure efficient operation and a reduced total cost of ownership, the R Series can be custom-built to suit your requirements. Available in variable speed drive (VSD), the R Series offers you maximum energy efficiency and reliability.  Savings Type 1 Year…

Ingersoll Rand N-Drive VSD 37-250kw

Posted on 30th May 2012

Ingersoll Rand is the only company to offer a true variable speed drive (VSD) air compressor. Available in both single and two-stage, the Nirvana compressor has fewer rotating parts than any other air compressor in its class. The Hybrid Permanent Magnet motor driving the Nirvana compressor raises the standard of compressor reliability to an unequalled…