Oilless / Oil Free Air Compressors & Scroll Compressors

Save Energy With Our CAPS AL Series Oilless & Scroll Air Compressors

Our range of 100% oil free industrial compressors are ideal for high-quality air applications, including dental, medical, painting, food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

CAPS provide a range of oil free scroll air compressors which offer flexibility for varying air demand conditions, whilst helping you save on energy costs. The oilless air compressors provide pure and clean oil free air for a broad range of critical applications including:

  • Food & beverage processing
  • Printing
  • Medical & dental
  • Electronic
  • Spray painting & more.
  • Laboratory

Custom Scroll Air Compressors

Our team of qualified in-house engineers have years of experience and can assist with all customised scroll air compressor orders and can even tailor designs to suit the strictest requirements.

We know a lot is riding on the quality of your air. Only CAPS Australia has exclusive access to a range that delivers ISO Class 0 in both rotary screw and centrifugal technologies. Class 0 is your guarantee of 100% oil-free air for industrial applications.

Having exclusive access to a diverse portfolio of air quality solutions means that our expert team will only ever recommend oil-less industrial air compressors based on what you really need.

CAPS’ range of oil-free compressors includes:

  • Scroll compressors
  • Reliable two-stage compression
  • Centrifugal compressors
  • Ingersoll Rand’s Nirvana – the world’s first true variable speed drive (VSD) oil-free air compressor system

Contact our expert team or browse the CAPS Australia range of scroll compressors and oilless air compressor products today.

We have the widest range of precision engineered & robust industrial air and power solutions in Australia.

  • Nationwide Support

  • ISO9001 Certified Manufacturing

  • Technical Expertise

  • Global Capabilities

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