Nitrogen generators are used in an extensive range of industries, this includes food and beverage, mining, steel, electronics manufacturing and many more. Nitrogen plays a significant role within all these industries and can be used for many different applications.


  • Electronics: When assembling electronics, nitrogen gas is used in soldering to form a connection between two components. Nitrogen gas will reduce the amount of oxygen in the air so that the solder remains strong
  • Food packaging: It is a common practice to use compressed nitrogen to displace oxygen to extend shelf life of food. There will be no moisture as nitrogen is a dry gas which keeps products such as chips crisp. The same principles are applied to beverage packaging as they do with dried foods, where nitrogen is used to prevent oxidization in juice, wine, and beer.
  • Laser cutting: Nitrogen is typically used in the steel industry when cutting any type of metals. It can be used as an assist gas to keep the path clear of dirt particles and molten material to achieve a clean cut. In addition to keeping a clear path, nitrogen will also prevent oxidation on the material.
  • Pharmaceuticals: APIs, inactive ingredients and other chemicals must be kept in an inert atmosphere to prevent oxidation. Nitrogen is essentially used as a blanket gas, purging gas and a gas for when transporting these oxygen sensitive materials. Nitrogen gas is also used in the packaging of medical supplies to keep them sterile and clean which helps to preserve the product.



There are two main types of nitrogen generators which are Membrane and PSA (Pressure swing adsorption), both have the aim of separating nitrogen molecules from oxygen molecules within compressed air. Different levels of purity can be used depending on what the application requires from the nitrogen generator. For example, the food industry will require high levels of purity (99.5-99.99%) with a PSA nitrogen generator recommended. Lower levels of purity that range from 90-98% will only require a membrane nitrogen generator which is often used for tasks such as inflating tyres or suppressing fires.


Nitrogen gas on-site is cost effective, reliable, safe, and friendly for the environment. Therefore, the production of nitrogen gas on-site has become an increasingly popular option over the supply of nitrogen in gas cylinders, gas packs or tanks. On-site nitrogen generators are a large capital investment however the return on investment can be achieved quite quickly. 


  • Cost-effective: Producing nitrogen on-site will minimise costs that are associated with transportation and freight of cylinders. Fluctuations in current market price for nitrogen can increase costs when purchasing cylinders. On-site nitrogen will remove all unpredictable price increases from suppliers. In addition, with most nitrogen gas deliveries there is an expected 10% loss in liquid nitrogen. 
  • Reliability: Having a nitrogen generator system on site will guarantee a 24-hour supply of high purity gas. This can be used anytime you need it which means there is essentially no operational downtime due to waiting for cylinders from vendors. On-site nitrogen generators allow full control of how much is produced and the purity of the nitrogen.
  • Safety & environmentally friendly: Cylinders can be heavy and difficult to handle, and if not properly stored they present a safety hazard. Storage tank leaks and chance of exposure to liquid nitrogen also has the potential to cause injury to employees. Acquiring on-site nitrogen can reduce your carbon footprint as it eliminates truck delivery to your facility. There will also be fewer wasted resources as cylinders can often leak and eventually become ineffective which means they are disposed.


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