Dandenong South, VIC, Australia

CV Tool & Engineering Co Pty Ltd

Peter Zenonos
Branch Manager, VIC
The Problem

CV Tool and Engineering Co (CV Tool) is a specialist service engineering company located in Dandenong South, Victoria.

Nitrogen gas is widely used to blanket precision laser cutting as its inert properties prevent oxidisation of the cut edge while the gas pressure ensures a clean cut without any residual material sticking to the underside.

In many cases, nitrogen from traditional liquid and cylinder supply methods can account for over 60% of the total laser running costs. In an extremely competitive marketplace, reducing these gas costs can ensure a significant advantage.

CV Tool had been using bottled nitrogen for their laser cutting blanketing process and were renting nitrogen storage tanks. They were very keen to reduce their operating costs.

Key Takeaways
  • 1x

    WHN-3B Won Hi Tech On-site Nitrogen Generator

  •  99.5%

    Nitrogen Purity 

  • 40-80%

    Long-term savings 


Personnel from CAPS visited CV Tool’s site and discovered that their existing compressed air system had excess capacity that could go towards an on-site nitrogen generation system.

After an on-site audit, CAPS found out that the system requirement for a Nitrogen Generator was 40Nm3/hr at 99.5% purity with a large storage tank.


Based on the information gathered from site, CAPS recommended and supplied 1 x model WHN-3B Won Hi Tech On-site Nitrogen Generator system that is capable of meeting all the site requirements.

Installing the nitrogen generator has been a very good capital investment – no more downtime waiting for expensive nitrogen deliveries and no more expensive rentals on nitrogen storage tanks.

Allan Conley
Owner & General Manager
CV Tool and Engineering Co Pty Ltd

The nitrogen generation system supplied by CAPS came at a significantly low investment to CV Tool, particularly since they had no need to purchase an air compressor. CV Tool was now able to produce their total demand for nitrogen gas on-premise, under their complete control.

Most importantly, the company will now achieve long-term savings between 40-80%, depending on current bottled nitrogen prices.

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