Gambat South Gas Processing Plant II, Pakistan

Presson Descon International (Pvt) Limited (PDIL)

William Chan
Product Manager - Gas & Special Projects
The Problem

Presson Descon International (Pvt) Limited needed a Combined Instrument Air & Nitrogen Generation Package Unit to be  installed at Gambat South Gas Processing Plant II which is a part of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL); country’s premier oil and gas Company involved in exploration and production of hydrocarbons on national and international level.

Their requirement was two 100% Duty/standby air compressors with an air capacity of 524 SCFM, two instrument Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers with PDP of -40⁰F, pre & post filters, Nitrogen Generator with a capacity of 75 SCFM @ min/max/normal 58/87/116 Psig and 99.5% purity with nitrogen dew point -20⁰F, Nitrogen Receiver and interconnected piping and general instrumentation. All items was to be supplied skid mounted.

Key Takeaways
  • 2 x

    Ingersoll Rand R160ie-A10 Air Compressors

  • 2 x

    DPS210 FST Heatless Desiccant Regenerative Type Air Dryer

  • 1 x

    HR6000 Nitrogen Air Receiver 

  • 1 x

    Containerized Nitrogen Generator Package (Won Hi-Tech) 

Presson Descon International (Pvt) Limited (PDIL) is an integrated engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) company, specialising in seamless services for supply and set up of production and processing equipment, facilities and their related utilities on a turnkey basis.


The primary objective was to produce pipeline quality gas on Low-Pressure Gas and condensate from Pakistan Petroleum Limited’s (PPL) exploratory wells.

Gambat Block is owned by joint venture of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), Government Holdings Pvt. Ltd (GHPL) and Asia Resources Oil Limited (AROL)

The customer requested a combined instrument air and nitrogen generation package.


The equipment supplied:

  • Duty and Standby Ingersoll Rand R160 2-stage rotary screw air compressors, Compressor air discharge @ 934 SCFM at 145 psig
  • Conquest CE514 pre and post filtration packages
  • Conquest FST DPS 210 heatless Desiccant Regenerative Air Dryers
  • Won Hi-Tech Nitrogen Generator plumbed in a 20ft high cube container
  • CAPS Nitrogen Receiver (6000 L)
  • 2 x skids

The supplier, Won Hi Tech, was selected as CAPS’ business partner on the basis of the following:

  • Access to membrane nitrogen generators that do not require an internal heater. This reduces power consumption and offers significant on-going operational savings.
  • Solid background in oil, gas and offshore projects. Example – have been supplying PSA oxygen generators to the marine industry for the past 10 years.
  • Quality Korean made components and good workmanship on pressure vessels/fabrication.
  • They are a ISO9001 & ISO14001 company that is certified by JAS-ANZ.
  • Quality engineering documentation and willingness to listen to our needs.

CAPS met the tender product specifications by offering skid mounted packages that produce pipeline quality sales gas which is injected into transmission line. Low Pressure Gas and stabilised condensate is to be transported via tanker/bowsers to local customers.

Naeem Ahmed
Head Procurement
Presson Descon International (Pvt) Limited

As a fully tested containerised system, the onsite installation, handling and commissioning costs were significantly reduced. The solution was ultimately cost-effective and efficient, proving a reliable supply of high-quality nitrogen gas.

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